7HD: Room for Improvement

Tom Williams, Curtis Stone, Scott McGregor, Ernie Dingo, Andrew Daddo, Shelley Craft and Aristos -just some of the people you’ll be seeing on the Seven Network’s new 7HD Channel.

As with Network TEN’s upcoming HD schedule, Seven is now adding more high-def content to its HD channel, predominantly in the afternoons.

Complementing its evening HD windows are afternoons of lifestyle and movie repeats. It is almost entirely devoid of first-run content.

Repeats of My Restaurant Rules, Room for Improvement, The Great Outdoors and Always Greener and movie reruns are what Seven sees as worthy of High-Def programming. My Restaurant Rules, hosted by Curtis Stone, barely rated the first time around.

7HD launched in October, frantically getting to air with limited scheduling in a bid to beat TEN to the punch. “This is the biggest launch I have ever been involved in. I have never been so excited,” David Leckie said at the time. With limited programming in evenings, Seven promised more content in December.

Well it’s here.

As you will see from the schedule below, suddenly TEN’s first run eps of favourite shows like Smallville and Veronica Mars look hot in comparison.

2007 is going to be memorable as the year HD TV launched us into 2002.

Sun Dec 9
12pm Movie Noah rpt.
1.30 According to Jim rpt.

Mon Dec 10
12pm My Restaurant Rules rpt.
1pm Movie Great Balls of Fire rpt
3pm The Great Outdoors rpt
4pm Dave the Barbarian rpt

10:30pm Movie The Good Thief
12:30am That 70s Show rpt

Tues Dec 11
12pm Room for Improvement rpt
12.30pm BYO Kitchen rpt
1pm Movie Diplomatic Seige rpt
2.30pm Australian Wild Secrets rpt
3pm The Great Outdoors rpt
4pm Dave the Barbarian rpt.

10.30pm Mysterious Island Pt I rpt
12am Lost rpt

Wed Dec 12
12pm My Restaurant Rules rpt.
1pm Movie Leprechaun 4: Space Platoon rpt
2.30pm Australian Wild Secrets rpt
3pm The Great Outdoors rpt
4pm Dave the Barbarian rpt.

10.30pm Movie Gun Shy rpt
12.30am That 70s Show rpt

Thu Dec 13
12pm Room for Improvement rpt
12.30pm BYO Kitchen rpt
1pm Movie After Dark My Sweet rpt
2.30pm Australian Wild Secrets rpt
3pm The Great Outdoors rpt
4pm Dave the Barbarian rpt.

10.30pm Mysterious Island Pt II rpt
12am Lost rpt

Fri Dec 14
12pm My Restaurant Rules rpt.
1pm Movie The Legend of Bagger Vance rpt
3.30pm The Great Outdoors rpt

Sat Dec 15
12pm Disney Cartoons Extra
2pm Movie On The Line rpt
4pm Always Greener rpt
5pm Better Homes Encore

6.30 Disney Movie Twitches
8pm That 70s Show rpt

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  1. hi i would like to know where i can get a product that i saw on a show from room for inprovement.
    it is the fake marble beach top. i live rural country, nsw.
    the show was on monday morning 12.00am on the 14.9.09 on channel prime.
    thank you beth

  2. hi, im nathan and im 13 years old.
    i watch your show alot and love it.
    we live in rowville, melbourne, victoria.
    my mum and dad started off with a 12 square home on an quarter of an acre block. they then decided to do an extension just after i was born. and that extension has been going for 13 years/my whole life, my dad has done 3 quarters of it himself, but he has never manged to get things done. 🙁 ,
    so thats why i wanted to contact your team and see if you could finish our home/backyard off.
    please get back to me.
    thanks nathan

    • A week eh? Try a few hours. And if you leave all comments in caps in future then please don’t expect them to be approved at all. This is banned in Comments Policy.

  3. Andrew Holland

    The reason the show no longer exists is that if you want to actually improve your asset you don’t do what this show tried to do – that is cheap!!! People that want to improve their home appreciate that they need to improve it not make it look a brothel. That is cheap & nasty!!!!

  4. I would like to know how we can get in touch with person who does the valuing of the items on the show, as I have several items, that I would like valued.

  5. Beverley – his name is Craig Russell. Don’t know how you can find him – seems to have droped of the face of the earth. Good luck.

  6. Hi there,

    I only comment that at the end of a show the credits are run so fast they cannot always be read and are often reduced to make room on screen for an ad for another upcoming show…this is frustrating to me. In particular, I really NEED to be able to contact a designer on Room for Improvement. His name is CRAIG and that’s all I know. He did some wonderful work turning an old wardrobe into an entertainment masterpiece using cut our ROSES as the design. He also made a bedhead in this design on another show. A template was available.

    Now, I know that show was a year or two ago, but a repeat of the wardrobe makeover was aired on Room for Improvement 7HD on 3 Jan 08. Once again the credits were too fast for me. I really, really want this template but on phoning CH7 today they were unable to help me. I thought old shows were available on the www. Guess not in Australia anyway…can get them for England.

    Can you tell me how to find CRAIG and get this template. Would keep an old lady happy and busy with my jigsaw.

    Cheers for 2008
    Beverley Hulme

  7. How can That ’70s Show even screen on 7HD if it wasn’t made in HD in the first place?

  8. I didn’t think these shows were made in HD. Sounds like 7 is trying to fill in gaps so they can boast about beating 10. Typical childish behaviour of our networks. No wonder free TV numbers are down !! Idiots

  9. 7HD is pathetic. showing repeats of that 70’s show that previously aired in primetime over summer!

    They should use it to air shows such as Scrubs in primetime, that they never gave a decent time slot to.

    And shows such as Headlands that they just ended in the middle of.

    There’s no commercials on the channel so who cares if it doesnt rate.

    at least you will impress the viewers.

    they could also use it to repeat old shows like Hey Dad!

  10. I agree J_Bar, I would love to know what happened on HeadLand… never got to find out “what happened that fateful night” or however it was announced when it began haha. Wonder if we’ll ever find out… I always believed the show had potential, and they seemed to find their way when things got faster towards the end. Just look at E-Street. When it began it was pretty daggy as well, but in its peak when given time to find its identity, turned out pretty fun (even if it was never going to be 110% quality TV haha).

    But of course, that’s just my opinion as a writer, so I know i’ll be a minority haha.


  11. I was looking forward to 30 Rock in HD, but after switching over at 22.30 last night [and having to wait 20 more minutes], I was disappointed to find that it was on only on SD! Here is a show shot and shown on NBC in HD, but we simply get widescreen. Oh, and the TV guide for channel 7 said HD too!

  12. Leo I’ve had such poor dialogue from Seven and TEN regarding HD that I’m beginning to tire of doing the PR for them, lol.

    Their marketing seems to be leaving a lot to be desired, not to mention their programming.

    7HD won’t be on Foxtel as 7 Analogue isn’t either. If TEN ever gets back to me I will ask them too.

    Channel 1 = Ten in HD
    Channel 10 = Ten in SD
    Channel 12 = Ten in HD
    It launches Dec 16.

  13. yay for TENHD
    boo for 7HD (all these repeats, what is the use of watching them, they are just so bland and boring, why would i even bother watching the great outdoors in HD for)
    beyond me 7 think they are so high and mighty now, they think they could rule commercial television by making 10 run for it’s money.. I think it’s time to move on 7, your boring us….

  14. I know this is going to sound dumb but where to I find these HD channels from 7 & 10 on Foxtel, is there any test screen or something?

  15. The Grid was only ever a 6-part mini-series. Not bad either, though with a typically disappointing Americans-win-everything-in-seconds finale.

    Phil, Ten’s press release implied new episodes of Torchwood next year, yes. They’ve bought the rights, I’m told.

    SevenHD’s programming so far is terrible. And their thing for doing “breakaway” programming after 10.30pm means that HD shows like Six Degrees and 30 Rock are only shown in SD – despite all the promos for 30 Rock containing a prominent 7HD logo, even the ones that ran yesterday!

  16. What about those episodes of Headland that were never aired? Are they ever going to screen those?

  17. I seriously couldn’t care less about 7HD. I’ll be watching TENHD instead because of Veronica Mars and hopefully there’ll be new eps of Torchwood. Fingers crossed.