D-Day for TCN9

Channel Nine’s Board of Directors are to meet today to decide on a buyer of its Willoughby site.

Property developers Valad and Charter Hall are said to be in the running for the lucrative 3ha site, said to be worth $150M.

Valad is understood to have agreed to also buy the two television towers at Willoughby and will deal with them in the future.

Nine is expected to move to Redfern, future home of Channel Seven.

Next up will be a decision on the buyer of the GTV9 site in Melbourne. The Richmond 1ha site is believed to be worth $80M. Nine is likely to relocate to the Docklands.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald


  1. I do have faith in Nine
    As what Davnap says David Gyngell has TV in his blood I would totally agree there. Also as they say the Phoenix rises from the ashes and Nine will certainly do that.. Nine your Still the One in our eyes. I certainly Heart Nine..

  2. Nine moving to Redfern, where? Are they planning on building their own facilities or are they moving into the television precinct being built by Seven and it’s property partner?

  3. I wish somebody in Government circles had said something about all this. As I’ve written before, this is a significant chunk of our history being sold – particularly GTV. It’s a very sad day.

    My only hope is that with bright shiny new offices and facilities and under the stewardship of David Gyngell -a man who surely must have TV in the blood – that Nine will be reborn and that some of the windfall from the sale of these iconic stations will go into something FRESH, NEW, CLEVER…..oh….and ENTERTAINING. Now there’s a word we don’t here much around these parts anymore. TV needs a good kick in the pants. Come on Nine. Do it.

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