Newstopia back in 2008

At a time when all the big shows are potentially resting in 2008, one humble comedy is throwing down the gauntlet.

Newstopia is back for 2008.

Tremble in fear you Kath and Kims, Chasers and Thank Gods -Shaun is here!

Updated: The SBS comedy is back February 27.

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  1. Well I am surprised that others thought last nites show was anything other that riviting. The US politics, the Don Fischer, all compared to previous versions was smooth as…. a much higher and “relaxed” I though cheeky standard.

    As you know… I may be the odd one out as it was difficult for me to see the funny side when the show first began.

    I am sorry if my website sometimes has the wrong links attached to SBS items which I do try to promote because ‘they are impressive”, it is mainly because I have trouble navigating the SBS website with my Mac (?) Firefox(?) Safari(?) software. It is exhausting. I wish the website was as easy to use (to find things) as the one you had last year. I had to give-up last night… and have another go today.

    Good Luck 🙂

  2. I agree with the last comment, it was patchy at times, had some good moments, some of the jokes wernt funny at all. For the amount that it is advertised (and thats a lot) its defiantly not the comedy of all comedys on SBS. I think Top Gear is funnier than this show.

  3. Great news!
    You are right about the mouse roaring David. Part of me feels like this was just Micallef warming up the audience for next year.
    I would also be glued to Inspektor Herring.

  4. Great news, Newstopia is my favorite new show of 2007, been a big fan of SM since the full frontal days. My VCR will probably get worn out with my constant rewinding, pausing, slow motioning the graphic gags.

    Hopefully we can get more Tony Martin on the show in 2008.

    Dan: That probably wouldn’t be possible now, but a Inspektor Amoeba episode would be great.

    Anonymous: I object to that remark, i don’t read the stock pages.

    And don’t worry David, i got the tongue in cheek, i reckon your right, i can hear Shaun saying that in my head now.

  5. Wow, some people here are awfully harsh. Unlike Chasers, Kath & Kim etc, Newstopia has actually made me laugh. Sounds to me that all of you gave up after a minute of viewing as you thought it was “boring”.

    Besides, what’s so bad about a comedy that doesn’t appeal to the masses? (e.g. The Office, King of the Hill etc.)

  6. C’mon u didn’t hear the tongue in cheek? I reckon that’s how Micallef would’ve said it himself.

    Anyway the point there was, while the big guns are all wondering whether they will even return, a mouse is roaring defiantly.

  7. Look out Kath and Kim?? Chasers?? Oh pllleasseee, bias is like shooting yourself in the foot. The show caters for the A-B demographic, the others are a little broader. Newstopia is good, but only if you enjoy a red wine after reading the stock pages and need a little intellectual irony.

  8. On the Televised Revolution podcast, Micallef suggested the notion of having an episode of Newstopia in 2008 replaced in favour of an episode of Inspektor Herring.

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