WGA Strike: Talks break down

After four days of talks, the WGA and AMPTP are no closer to an end of the 5 week strike crippling US television and movie production.

Late on Friday, the AMPTP quit negotiations and issued a Press Release blaming the WGA for lack of progress.

The WGA, who claimed they were still in negotiations, was taken aback by what amounted to a walkout. The WGA said they thought were still talking. After hinting at some progress all week, the outcome was a major step backwards.

The AMPTP had put a list of demands on the bargaining table which the WGA described as a take-it-or-leave-it “ultimatum.” It claims “They are holding to their offer of a $250 fixed residual for unlimited one year streaming after a six-week window of free use. They still insist on the DVD rate for Internet downloads. They refuse to cover original material made for new media.”

In contrast, the AMPTP, said it was “puzzled and disheartened by an ongoing WGA negotiating strategy that seems designed to delay or derail talks rather than facilitate an end to this strike.”

As Christmas holidays loom there is now a real danger no outcome will be achieved before everyone takes vacation.

Source: Deadline Hollywood, LA Times


  1. Luke (sexyer1)

    Would their rights be better protected in Australia?

    At some point soon, it might be a good idea for Australian Networks and Production Companies to offer some of these people work if our conditions are better!?

    We could really use some smarts in TV and movies down in Australia, especially when it comes to tv writers, so many people I know are turning away from Australian programs (Drama in particular), I think we need some help to rejuvenate our productions!? It might also help the industry to get more money allocated to Australian productions!?

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