Aussie fare dominates Seven schedule

Now free to tell you all those new dates for Seven shows, here’s a look at the first week of ratings.

Seven’s guide is again dominated by observational / lifestyle series in the early part of the evening. Seven returns Border Security, The Force, RSPCA Animal Rescue, The Real Seachange and Better Homes and Gardens. The network has done well with locally-produced TV in 2007.

There are new eps of Samantha Who, Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock, All Saints, Life Begins, Lost, Family Guy and American Dad.

In a developing brekkie battle, Weekend Sunrise has moved to a 7:30am start, forcing Nine’s Sunday to do likewise. Anyone want to try for 7am?

Sunday Feb 10
6:00 Seven News
6:30 The Zoo
7:00 Bush Doctors
7:30 Kath & Kim rpt
8:00 Samantha Who
8:30 Grey’s Anatomy
9:30 Brothers and Sisters
10:30 Suburban Secrets

Monday Feb 11
6:00 Seven News
6:30 Today Tonight
7:00 Home and Away
7:30 Border Security
8:00 The Force
8:30 Desperate Housewives
9:30 Dirty Sexy Money
10:30 Boston Legal rpt
11:30 30 Rock

Tue Feb 12
6:00 Seven News
6:30 Today Tonight
7:00 Home and Away
7:30 It Takes Two
9:30 All Saints
10:30 Life Begins

Wed Feb 13
6:00 Seven News
6:30 Today Tonight
7:00 Home and Away
7:30 RSCPA Animal Rescue
8:00 The Real Seachange
8:30 Lewis
10:30 Forensic Investigators rpt

Thu Feb 14
6:00 Seven News
6:30 Today Tonight
7:00 Home and Away
7:30 The Amazing Race
8:30 Out of the Question
9:00 Family Guy
9:30 Lost
10:30 American Dad
11:00 Beauty and the Geek

Fri Feb 15
6:00 Seven News
6:30 Today Tonight
7:00 Home and Away
7:30 Better Homes and Gardens
8:30 NAB Cup

Sat Feb 16
6:00 Seven News
6:30 Movie: Finding Nemo
8:40 Vicar of Dibley
9:10 Inspector Linley Mysteries


  1. It should.I would rather a line up of comedies on a Thursday Night as opposed to the heavy viewing that is Greys and Private Practice.I mean those kinds of shows are fine for those of us who have ever worked in that kind of environment but for the rest of us what about a Cleveland Show,Family Guy and American Dad lineup to see us through to 10pm followed by an Airport or Airline style show as a lead in to Scrubs.Think of the ratings

  2. Oh, and neonkitten hit the nail right on the head. Aus TV is indeed the worst in the world. Piracy is indeed the way of the future. Torrents and blogs > you.

  3. What the hell is wrong with Channel 7. I’m really satisfied with the Thursday night lineup of Family Guy/LOST/American Dad, but why the hell did they have to axe the best shows on television? It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Six Degrees were the two best shows of the summer, and now they’ve both been axed for crap like Suburban Secrets and Life Begins? Oh well. At least they’re airing Boston Legal repeats on Monday nights.

  4. Thanks David, for all the updates on the new schedules. Helps to map out which shows i’ll be watching and whether i’ll need to set the vcr for favorites that clash.

  5. NeonKitten, despite what you think about the production of Aussie content being cheap, quick’n’nasty, it is actually extremely expensive to produce. This is evident in the decades of US programming that has graced our shores. We should be thankful that Networks put their proverbials on the chopping block to have a go at formats such as Big Brother, City Homicide, Neighbours, Home & Away, SYTYCD Oz. Granted, the likes of Zoo Pet Doctors Dancing with Kath & Kim probably aren’t mega expensive to make, but all these shows find an audience (albeit People 50+) and fill a schedule. Looking forward to seeing your latest production go to air on FTA.

  6. Border Security and The Force don’t really match with Desperate Housewives, I think they should’ve been held to be paired with City Homicide, they had a killer line up with the night of crime.

    RSPCA and Seachange would’ve been more suitable for Desperate Housewives, with BS/TF on Wednesday leading into Lewis which is more crime orientated.

  7. Umm Vicar of Dibley on Saturdays ?

    Did they see that it rated so well on the ABC they just had to have it….

    Oh well its better then none what season will they be showing of it any idea ? as this is the only thing that appeals to me on 7 besides American Dad and Family which again clash with TEN HD Sci Fi nights…

  8. At the Arcade Fire show I was at the other night (brilliant, by the way), Win from the band made a point – one he’d also made the previous day at the Big Day Out – that Australian TV is the worst on the planet.

    And he’s right.

    All of this “Aussie” product is cheap, quick’n’nasty programming that has little redeeming value (though I’ll make an exception for RSPCA Animal Rescue which, despite a cute-kitten obsession, is well made observational TV that doesn’t patronise the viewer or enter into the dreaded Border Security-style world of Recap City).

    All three commercial networks’ announcements for the coming year have been FRIGHTENINGLY tragic. The US, in the grip of the writers’ strike, has been in fear of crap reality shows taking over viewers’ minds. And they should be. It’s already happened here. And then there’s Neighbours and Home & Away. Oh the carnage.

    Thank you, piracy. Otherwise I’d probably have gone quite insane by now 🙂

  9. If you dont care or aint privy to ratings or what not, theres like one new show in there…… But seeing though there the number one network in Australia, we Aussies hate people who are number one, so let the slinging begin!!

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