Steve Jacobs lands Power of 10

Today weatherman and former sitcom star, Steve Jacobs, will now set his sights on becoming a game show host after landing the role of Power of Ten host.

“I don’t think it has sunk in, actually,” he told the Daily Telegraph yesterday.

In the US the show is hosted by Drew Carey with a $10M prize, but the Aussie version will stick to $1M. The show produced by FremantleMedia uses Newspoll to survey Australians with its questions. Already it sounds like a variation on Family Feud…..

“This show is a little bit more relaxed than other quiz shows. There is a bit more ad-libbing. It’s a really good vibe,” he said.

“The questions are really designed to get a little bit of a rise out of people. Some of the questions are serious and some are ridiculous,” Jacobs said.

The show will have an initial run of eight episodes before Nine decides whether ratings are good enough to order more.

Press Release:

What percentage of Australian men think they look good in Speedos?
What percentage of Australians would leave their partner if they gained 30 kilos?
What percentage of Australians said they have let a dog lick them on the mouth?

You’ll be gobsmacked by the answers as the Nine Network’s new million-dollar game show reveals some intriguing statistics about Aussies in Power of 10, which premieres next month.

Hosted by Steve Jacobs, Power of 10 is a high-stakes, high-tech game show that puts contestants through a brain-teasing test to see whether they’ve got their finger on the pulse of the nation.

The contestant who can most accurately predict how Australians will respond to a range of diverse and quirky poll questions could walk away with $1,000,000.

It takes just five questions to reach millionaire status as the prize money escalates in increments of a multiple of 10, starting with $100 then jumping to $1000, $10,000 and $100,000 before tempting contestants with a life-changing $1,000,000. As the prize money goes up so to do the stakes as contestants try to remain calm and collected in order to tap into the mindset of a nation.

Power of 10 reaches out to each state of Australia, with the Nine Network enlisting Newspoll Online, one of the leading public opinion polling companies, to survey thousands of people across the country.

Power of 10, which is recorded at the studios of Channel Nine Melbourne, was created Michael Davies of Embassy Row in New York. It is produced for the Nine Network by FremantleMedia.


  1. Well done Steve! i have seen the show and I think Steve will do an excelllent job. He is sassy, quick, cheeky and oozes appeal. The format is great, I am definately looking forward to the show. Good Luck to everyone involved!!!

  2. Is it just me or do Nine always appear to be chasing 7 – i.e. I heart TV promo; Grant Denyer has done well so Nine find clone in short weatherman with wacky sense of humour. Why not go for a point of difference. My prediction this year is that Ten is going to be the winner – at least they are innovative. Nine and Seven management need to get over their ‘war’ and use some creativity.

  3. Big Questions, with Jules Lund yes.

    The Rich List is also a variation on the same idea. At least Power of Ten has had the Americans iron out the wrinkles, and there’s a big prize on offer. Let’s wait and see.

  4. What was that show that was on a year ago…Big Questions or something?!?!

    Sounds similar to that.

    *Rolls Eyes* Nine have many other shows I’m looking forward to in 08 but not this one.

  5. Are the bitchy comments REALLY necessary?

    Steve’s a fantastic on-air presenter. He’ll do really well…. i’ve seen the Power of Ten, and it’s a great show….

    If Nine had put Eddie in as the host, we’d hear cries of “Not Again…”

    It’s seems Nine can’t get it right with some of you negative posters….

    It’s only television…. Don’t like it, don’t watch it.

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