Gary Busey: Red Carpet loony

Forget about who’s wearing who. The real action on the Oscars Red Carpet came courtesy of actor Gary Busey.

Busey seemed to have hit the champers (or somethin’) early when he strolled down the Red Carpet. The actor who has appeared in the films The Buddy Holly Story, Big Wednesday, Lethal Weapon, Point Break, Valley of the Wolves Iraq and Under Siege began shouting at E! host Ryan Seacrest while he was trying to interview Jennifer Garner and Laura Linney.

“You! I’ve been lookin’ for you for years!” shouted Busey.

Take a look at what unfolded as Busey gatecrashed the interview, forcing the nervous Seacrest to introduce him to Jennifer Garner.

Busey bearhugged Garner and then some. The startled actress said to Seacrest, “Were you going to ask me about getting kissed on the neck on the red carpet by this man?”

It was bound to be more fun than Richard Wilkins saw.

At the end of the chat, a dumbfounded Linney and Garner departed together, while Seacrest murmured, “I have no idea to explain what’s happening on this carpet right now.”


  1. This was almost better than the Oscars themselves! Jen did look rather concerned but handled herself extremely well.

    Was nice to see some human reactions to an odd situation from sometimes cardboard Hollywood actors!

  2. Ha!
    Gotta feel for Jenifer Garner, she looked terrified lol
    Busey has a reputation for his drunken antics. I remember watching the 20th Anniversary special for SNL a while back and Billy Crystal was doing that old man character and spotted Busey in the crowd. Crystal said “Gary Busey!! Your alive!! I just lost ten buck!”
    Busey then stood up and started yelling at Billy Crystal, Billy replied “No Gary, you dont have any lines!” Busey then started to walk down the aisle towards Crystal and Billy yelled “Oh look!! Its the second coming!!”

    Believe it or not Busey is a very reputable acting coach 😛 Go figure.

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