More Bones, less Prison Break?

US broadcaster FOX has given the greenlight to more Bones, House, Back To You, The Moment of Truth and Til Death.

But no new production has been approved for King of the Hill, K-Ville, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or Prison Break.

The network has said it will play out its season of King of the Hill.

House will resume in the US from April 28, which is good news for TEN, poised for a season finale in early March. The drama had already gone back into production, but Fox had been mulling whether to air those this season or hold them back for fall.

Other shows returning for production include 24 (which returns in January), The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad.

As previously announced, Fox also has original eps of Hell’s Kitchen and will be premiering Unhitched, New Amsterdam and The Return of Jezebel James in March. All are Nine acquisitions except Unhitched with TEN.

Source: Variety, E!


  1. I wish we could see more of Bones over here. Seven has done a terrible job of keeping it in their schedule.

    As for Prison Break, it was great in Season 1. Intriguing in Season 2 (especially with the addition of William Fichtner to the cast) but Season 3 hasn’t been all that great.

    I couldn’t see how they could keep it going for more than one or 2 seasons from day 1.

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