Zach dropped from Night Cap panel

Former Big Brother contestant Zach Douglas has been dropped from the panel of 7HD’s The Night Cap, and will appear as an entertainment reporter.

Last Tuesday a viewer email question about kissing veered into dangerous territory when Douglas began giving frank advice.

His comments left Matthew White silent, while Jessica Rowe and Monique Wright tried to steer the conversation back to a more mainstream discussion.

This is despite the show being classified M (for coarse language, adult themes and sexual references) and willingly hiring an openly gay male. Indeed in its own promotion for the show the Seven personalities promised The Night Cap would “push the boundaries a bit” (quote: Jessica Rowe), where “nothing’s out of bounds” (quote: Monique Wright) and “we’re live on air there’s gonna be time when things happen” (Matthew White).

To hear what happened read on (warning: may offend):

‘Ask Zach’ Tue Feb 19.

Douglas was answering a question from ‘Lisa of Melbourne’: “My boyfriend won’t kiss me when we’re having sex.”

Zach’s advice was frank:

“Don’t give him head beforehand.. men don’t like the idea that they’re tasting themselves,” he said.

“If they’re not going to be kissing during sex, that’s exactly what it is. It’s not making love.

“I don’t know…If he doesn’t want to kiss her then there’s seriously something wrong.

“It’s quite known in gay sex, y’know, like, well that’s a gay man’s dream…. you get in, you get out, there’s no… y’know what I mean?”

By this stage both Jessica Rowe had tried to suggest more romance as an answer to Lisa’s problem, and Monique Wright raised questions about the intimacy of kissing.

“I think its intimacy levels yeah…a woman is a lot more affectionate than what a male is,” he said.

“Either that or she’s got a problem with bad breath.”

A spokeswoman for Channel 7 told Confidential yesterday there was “no correlation between the incident” and a decision to replace Douglas on the panel.

“Zach found flying between Melbourne and Sydney twice a week took its toll on him and his (corset) business, so he’ll now be our entertainment and gossip reporter,” the publicist said.

“We feel it’s a better fit rather than him as a full-time panellist.”

His position will be recast with “different guests each week” until a suitable permanent replacement is found.

The clip can still be seen on the Night Cap website. in a second clip on the date Feb 19.

Ironically, the Ask Zach segment was followed by a piece on Jane Fonda saying too much live on American television!

Additional source: Confidential


  1. What nonsense. Everything that was said was well contained within the M classification. It would have to be a hell of a lot more detailed to warrant anywhere near an MA15+ rating.

    So what’s the problem?

  2. I don’t think that the explicit nature of the comment was the problem!!

    I think that they finally worked out that he is boring. He never really says anything, and needs to be prompted to speak. Ask Zach, seemed to be ill prepared, and was like watching a road crash.

    Overall the show is not bad, and is worth a watch

  3. Poor Zach!
    Totally unfair to bone him for doing exactly what he was told to do … but that is a hard lesson he needed to learn about TV land!
    Still, makes them look a bit homophobic.

  4. I agree with Kyrie. They are probably panicking innecessarily – wondering where else the segment will go. I think Zach would be a breath of fresh air to a late evening panel show.

  5. I don’t think he contributed much to the conversations on the panel. The other panellists got involved in every conversation and Zach only spoke when a question was directed to him. He was clearly out of his league amongst the professionals who have been doing it for years.

  6. Have you guys seen the show?

    If Zach was dropped for these comments, then why was he on the next episode?

    I think he was dropped because he’s a dud! He says nothing on the panel at all.

  7. So, they chickened out eh? What did they expect? They’ve known Zach for his frankness and I’m pretty sure they hired him for being outspoken in ht first place. Frankly I haven’t seen the show, but I love Zach for being himself on BB.

  8. Was that all of it? It’s certainly not as explicit for a late night M show that is rated for coarse language/adult themes/sexual references.

    It’s a little crude but not as explicit as newspaper reports are making it out to be.

    Surely if it was so offensive they would have done this the day after it aired?

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