Airdate: Balls of Steel

This long (and somewhat offensive) sequence is from the UK prank show Balls of Steel, coming soon to Channel Nine.

The show is a sort of vicious Chaser-style show where special guests perform stunts on an unsuspecting public, holding their nerve during hidden camera set-ups. Each week six acts compete with stunts like “Neg’s Urban Sports”, “Militant Black Guy”, “Annoying Devil”, and “Bunny Boiler.” A studio audience decides which act was the nerviest, or had the biggest Balls of Steel.

The show, which has already screened on subscription TV, will premiere at 10:30pm Tuesday April 22. As with other Tuesday night shows on Nine, there is a heavy offensive UK factor with swearing. But unlike lame Candid Camera style shows like Surprise Surprise Gotcha, this may actually have some sinister laughs.

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