Bumped: The Palace

Seven has pushed back British drama The Palace from 10:30 to 11:30pm after one episode.

Last night the drama had 287,000 viewers. In a tight finished, Seven finished a close third for the night behind TEN and Nine.

The Palace is a sort of ‘West Wing meets Windsors’, but depicts a fictional British royal family.

In the first ep, Richard, Prince of Wales and Prince George are out clubbing when their father, King James III, dies suddenly while at the opera.

It stars Rupert Evans, Jane Asher and Zoe Telford. Filmed by ITV in Lithuania, it was axed after one series.

The Palace airs at 11:30pm from next Tuesday. UPDATED: Mistresses now airs at 10:30pm from May 13 while The Loop is now out of schedule.

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  1. The running overtime problem was a result of poor/misleading scheduling by Channel 7. The programs prior to The Loop were never going to fit into their allocated time-slots.

    Mistresses is a BBC show intended for a 1 hour time-slot–as this ran over, I presume it was shown intact. The Palace is from the commercial ITV network (what are the UK rules on breaks per hour?). Now add the commercials, promos, news-breaks…

  2. Actually, it was the shows before it that ran overtime by 20 minutes, making any ratings figures for The Palace effectively meaningless.

    Haven’t watched this one yet – recorded it on the PVR as it’s created by Tom Grieves, who did the superb series The Ghost Squad – but it surely deserves better than one night running late in a late-night timeslot before being blamed for “losing the night” (sigh).

    Now that the pointless pissing contest has extended into late-night TV and weekend evenings, there’s really little hope of anything that’s not low-IQ-pleasing trash staying around for it’s full run.

    If you like the first episode of a show, download it or get downloaded copies from a friend and save yourself the hassle.

  3. I watched this show for 10 minutes while waiting for The Loop as it ran overtime by about 20 mins, and it was rather boring. It doesn’t surprise me that it was axed, the acting was wooden, the script was cliche’d and the whole thing was a mess. And now The Loop is axed again. They only brought it back last week!! Oh well, that show was axed a while ago too, I only wanted to check it out coz it has Reaper’s Bret Harrison in the central role and that guy has a unique brand of humour he brings to the table.

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