Airdate: Tiger -Spy in the Jungle, Domestic Blitz

Nine will replace Life in Cold Blood with another David Attenborough series, Tiger: Spy in the Jungle. It premieres 7:30m Monday May 19.

Using cameras carried by elephants, the series infiltrates the secret lives of four young tiger cubs in India’s Pench National Park.

It will also encounter herons, langur monkeys, deer, jackals, sloth bears, leopards, and wild boars. Attenborough’s nature series has certainly been a boon to Nine’s Mondays, attracting figures of around 1.3m viewers.

Meanwhile lifestyle show Domestic Blitz will replace Animal Emergency and RFDS from Sunday May 18. It is described as “a heart-warming lifestyle renovation series that combines house and garden makeovers in just 48 hours, with personal style overhauls for a selection of deserving Australian heroes.”

It is hosted by Scott Cam and Shelley Craft and features Richard Reid, Matt Lacey, Romy Alwill with apprentice Erik Naumann.

Press Release:
Domestic Blitz will bring some well-earned joy to the lives of true Australian heroes and make their dreams come true, when it premieres Sunday, May 18 at 6.30pm on Channel Nine.

This new series will take you on an emotional journey, rebuilding the homes and lives of some truly inspiring people.

Each week, Shelley Craft and Scott Cam will deliver more surprises and life-changing moments as they go knocking on the door of the residence of a brave Aussie hero, and combine a complete house and garden makeover, as well as a personal style overhaul.

Nine’s International style guru Richard Reid along with landscape designer Matt Leacy, interior designer Romy Alwill and Scott’s apprentice, Erik Naumann, will join the hosts as they take on the massive task of renovating an entire home – from the inside, out – in just 48 hours.

Matt will use his extensive experience to give the garden a bright new look, while Romy will use her design skills to breathe life into tired rooms. Scott will create new living areas and transform existing spaces around the home, while Erik will learn just how tough a taskmaster Scott can be, as his rookie apprentice.

While Shelley, Scott and the team are working around the clock on the mammoth task of transforming the property, Richard will whisk the special home owners away to be pampered and rejuvenated.

In the first episode we meet Natalie who, at just 29, has a five percent chance of survival from an aggressive form of ovarian cancer. Despite fate being stacked against her, Natalie is determined to enjoy her family life with husband Rick and their young daughter Emily, in their home. Not only is Natalie a hero at home, she is a hero at work, recognised for bravery in her job as a police officer twice.

Join the new Blitz team as they share their design skills and hard work with inspiring and deserving Australians from Sunday, May 18 at 6.30pm on Nine.

Following on from the highly acclaimed LIFE IN COLD BLOOD, Channel Nine presents another outstanding series with wildlife master David Attenborough: TIGER – SPY IN THE JUNGLE, from 7.30pm Monday, May 19.

Filmed deep inside the jungles of India, this series follows the different life-stages of four tigers from playful cub right through to young hunting adult. The program offers a unique insight into how tigers interact with other jungle animals and how this relationship changes as the tiger matures.

“Bouldercam” and a host of new spycams capture images of extraordinary intimacy, and vision of these elusive big cats also comes via a new breed of cameramen – elephants. Amazingly, due to their remarkable intelligence and sensitivity, elephants can carry cameras on their tusks and trunks – filming tigers wherever they go, even while they are on the move.

“The skill and ingenuity in using the elephants to get cameras within a few yards of the tigers pays off extraordinarily well,” says David Attenborough. “I’ve never seen tigers so young brought out into the world and I don’t think I’ve ever seen footage with so many tigers.”

John Downer, award-winning producer of TIGER – SPY IN THE JUNGLE, says tigers are the biggest challenge a documentary maker can face: “Partly because tigers are naturally secretive animals and partly because the terrain they inhabit is generally inaccessible to film crews.

“Tigers hunt in very dense forest. You can’t get a vehicle in there, and even getting a bouldercam close to them seemed to be an impossibility until we met the elephants, because there is no terrain they can’t negotiate.

“Elephants aren’t fazed by tigers and the tigers don’t feel threatened by the elephants. As far as they’re concerned, elephants are just big, moving bits of scenery.”

Viewers will be treated to vision of many other animals in Tiger – Spy in the Jungle, including the rarely filmed sloth bear, famous for carrying its comical babies on its back.

The elephant cams also encounter leopards, the tiger’s major competitor in the jungle, while the documentary brings to light the extraordinary red dogs – fearsome creatures that race through the jungle in huge packs striking fear into all wildlife.

Tiger – Spy in the Jungle is full of humour and drama – and thanks to the wonderful elephant camera crew you will see the most intimate portrayal of tigers ever captured.

Uncover the secrets of a very private predator:
7.30pm Mondays from May 19 on Nine

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