Jules Lund to host Nine gameshow

Expect an announcement soon about Jules Lund as the new host for Hole in the Wall.

It follows some pre-production confusion over the role and last minute auditions. Early rehearsals using Kids WB on Nine co-host Shura Taft turned out to be trials for the production crew, shooting the Japanese-based game show at Melbourne’s Docklands.

When TV Tonight quizzed Lund at the Logies, he was a good sport, simply saying, “There may just be a game show coming up, David. You know your sources, you know the answer to that mate!

“You’ve alluded to it on your website. It’ll be good fun, good fun,” he laughed.

Guilty as charged, Jules!

Nine also managed a free plug for Hole in the Wall during Sunday’s big night when a wall with a Logie-shaped hole pushed a number of fake “Gold nominees” into the water.

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  1. On friday night live last week, mike asked bree what was her favourite game of last year she said a game that is exactly the same as hole in the wall. They showed a clip of it and then mike said that was a good game but defentily not that good to make a whole show of.
    do you reackon he was refering to ‘hole in the wall’ and if he was told to say that?

  2. It is nice that one of the networks have finally made a local version of a Japanese-based game show.

    Normally, local versions of these type of game shows are not allowed, mainly due to the unusual tasks that the contestant(s) must accomplish.

    For example, I read that there was a game show which translates to I’m Old Enough, and it involves kids as young as five spending time alone in a big city, and their task is to work out how people would do everyday tasks. before kids could participate in the game show, parents must give their consent.

    If Nine is suddenly interested in making local versions of Japanese game shows, then perhaps they could do a similar one along the lines of IOE.

  3. That free plug was another Logies lowlight. I thought Julian Lund did a great job with Logies Arrivals special. Thank God that they finally gave Richard Wilkins and Catriona Rowntree the boot. I think Julian could be great as a gameshow host and would be a welcome change from some of the Ch 9 dinosaurs that are usually rolled out for everything. Unfortunately, I can’t imagine this show to be a hit though.

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