Top Gear Australia hosts announced

SBS has revealed its hosts for Top Gear Australia, three blokes named Charlie, Warren and Steve.

The three were announced at a function in Sydney tonight, after an exhaustive search for the coveted roles. Producers were bombarded with over 4000 submissions.

Currently a motorsport commentator for the BBC, Charlie Cox, 47, is known for his classic one-liners. He worked in radio in Sydney in the 1980s before moving to the UK where he won several motor racing titles in the 1990s and was involved in a near life-ending crash in 1995.

Warren Brown, in his mid-40s, is best known for his work as a cartoonist and motoring columnist for The Daily Telegraph, but also has a passion for historic cars.

Steve Pizzati, is the youngest of the bunch, in his mid 30s. He is an advanced driving instructor, freelance motoring journalist and a race driver for Porsche Australia.

To air after the Olympics, the Australian production will have a distinctly “Australian feel.” It is the first version outside the UK, though another has since been announced for the USA.

“We have chosen three totally different and entertaining personalities who have a natural chemistry that works,” said SBS Director of Content Matt Campbell.

Sydney Morning Herald motoring editor Josh Dowling will act as the motor industry consultant.

Series 10 of the original Top Gear premieres 7:30pm Monday on SBS.

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David Knox is an occasional blogger for SBS.


  1. SBS were never going to pick the hosts from the general public, that was just a marketing stunt.

    I can not see Top Gear working in any country. There is and should be only one Top Gear, it cannot be replicated.

  2. If it fails or not it will be interesting to watch!
    It may be a little optimistic for some readers here but I hope it does well, sometimes I’m amazed at some of the over the top negative comments people make about shows before they have even been given an air date, I hope all new shows do well!!!
    I agree with humor factor, I’m not a rev head either but Top Gear is a lot of fun to watch, the zany tasks they set for themselves, the great chemistry and character dynamics between the hosts and their clever remarks and digs at big car manufacturers is great!
    Expecting the Aussie version to be a carbon copy is a little over zealous but theres no reason why it shouldn’t find an audience if its done with a bit of TLC, look forward to seeing our shot at it!
    UK Top Gear took quite a few seasons to come to fruition so expecting our attempt to explode with success in a month is a little silly. (You could easily apply that to all new shows)
    And it’s okay to give something a go, if we all had that negative “oh this is a bad idea, its going to suck” attitude we wouldn’t achieve anything!!
    Sometimes its safe to be negative and expect the worse because people get the “told ya so” bragging rights afterwards, not a way to live!

  3. I really can’t see this working, despite the inclusion of a host with a British accent.

    That SBS feels it’s a good idea to spend millions of dollars making a local version of a show that can’t be replicated illustrates that they have absolutely no idea why the UK version is so popular. Put it this way: I don’t drive, never have, never will. I have almost zero interest in cars. But I love Top Gear.


    The hosts.

    Doing a local version is like trying to do a local replica of The Goodies.

    At any rate, when this airs, remember – this show is the reason why you have to endure endless interruptions for erectile dysfunction ads during SBS shows.

  4. So what was the story with the YouTube contest? I thought the hosts were going to be chosen from that bunch and would be average aussies?

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