Airdate: Valentine’s Day

Hot on the heels of the success of Bed of Roses, the ABC is to air its next locally-produced drama, the telemovie Valentine’s Day at 8:30pm Sunday July 6.

Rhys Muldoon stars as a former Aussie Rules footballer stuck with community service, coaching a local rural footy team, The Mighty Bears.

The Growlers, as they are also known, carry the hopes and dreams of the local Victorian community, not to mention the future of the local pie factory.

The telemovie, written by crime novelist Peter Temple and directed by Peter Duncan (Hell Has Harbour Views, Children of the Revolution, Passion, Unfinished Sky) will also feature Freya Stafford, Anita Hegh, Michael Tuahine and Adam Zwar.

Press Release:
Valentine’s Day tells the story of Ben Valentine (Rhys Muldoon) who drifts into the small Victorian country town of Rushworth. He quickly finds himself in trouble with the law. As a famous Aussie Rules footballer fallen on hard times, he is given 200 hours of community service coaching the town’s ‘no-hoper’ football team. But is he in fact who he seems to be?

Teetering on the brink of demise, The Mighty Bears (aka The Growlers) need to win three out of the four next games or they will be forced to merge with their arch rivals, Lucan. Worse still, the town’s beloved pie factory, Dicks, which was recently bequeathed to the Bears, will have to be sold.

For the proud, close-knit community the future is looking bleak. Embraced heart and soul by the townsfolk, this one-time drifter learns how to live and hope again – as does the town.

Valentine’s Day is a feel good film to make us all believe it’s possible to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Also starring Anita Hegh, Freya Stafford and Michael Tuahine.

A December Films Production made in association with ABC Television, the Film Finance Corporation and Film Victoria. Written by Peter Temple, directed by Peter Duncan, produced by Tony Wright. ABC Television Executive Producers: Miranda Dear and Amanda Higgs.


  1. Valentines Day was bagged mercilessly by Pam Casellas in the newspaper, but as I don’t rely on reviewers I watched it tonight. I enjoyed it, as i do most Australian shows. There were quite a few characters who reminded me of real people and although, to be entertaining, stories have to be a bit exagerated, I found it a good evenings entertainment. It also had a few home truths to think over.

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