Office spin off for Seven

Seven has picked up the rights to The Office spin-off, possibly titled The Office Spin-Off, which premieres in the US next February.

But there is speculation about the setting and characters of the show, with Steve Carrell saying, “As far as I know, nobody is leaving ship. At least at this point, from what I’ve heard, I don’t think it’s based on any of the characters from the existing show. It’s an entirely new setup with new characters.”

Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) added, “I don’t even know if the spinoff [of our show] is set in an office. That’s how little we were told. We just aren’t privy to that kind of information as actors.”

The Greg Daniels’ series may launch as an episode of the original U.S. Office, and then go out on its own.

In Australia the TEN Network has the rights to the US Office, but it hasn’t had much luck building a significant audience, despite the show’s popularity in the US.

Source: EOnline, Hollywood Insider


  1. Great… probably another quality comedy to be shown at midnight – if at all. Ten needs to hand over the rights to the office to a Foxtel channel.

  2. The few times I managed to watch The Office I liked it, just a pity it wasn’t on at a earlier regular time, it’s catch 22. They don’t get an audience so move the show to a later time, the audience gets smaller so they move it again, does anyone else see the problem here?

    Maybe it’s a case that some US hits just don’t work here?

    I’m waiting for the rest on DVD to catch up and not holding much hope for the spin off here.

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