Seven to predict The One

The Seven Network is looking for Australia’s best psychic, for a new programme, The One.

The Fox Television production is an original series put together by the producers behind the subscription drama series, Supernova.

The One will be hosted by Andrew Daddo.

Seven psychics will be tested in a series of studio and location challenges.

Seven’s Head of Program Development Brad Lyons said, “I’m far from a believer, but I do admit there were several outcomes in the first show that shocked me.”

Maybe the best one could just predict the winner? Or the ratings for the premiere?

Press Release:

Do we live in a world where psychics can help solve crimes, investigate some of Australia ‘s greatest mysteries or even diagnose illness by mere touch? Prepare yourself for the impossible as THE ONE suspends disbelief and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

The One: The Search for Australia’s Most Gifted Psychic, hosted by Andrew Daddo, will feature seven of Australia’s top psychics in a quest to determine who is ‘The One’ and challenge the way we think about psychic phenomena.

Each week The One’s psychics will showcase their abilities in a series of studio and location challenges, such as finding a lost child in the bush or getting inside the minds of well-known celebrities.

The One’s expert panel – psychic Stacey Demarco and sceptic Richard Saunders – will decide who stays and who goes until the final episode where Australia will decide which of the remaining three psychics is ‘The One’.

Host Andrew Daddo believes – well, he’s not sure what he believes – but regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, or even if you’re on top of it, it’s difficult to dismiss the psychics’ level of skill and dedication.

“This is a rare chance to sample some unfamiliar territory from close range,” he says. “The One hasn’t been put together by true believers or the newly converted. We’re all up to challenge what we know – what we thought we did, and it’s already starting to flip me out.”

Seven’s Head of Program Development Brad Lyons echoes Daddo’s thoughts saying he’s been amazed by the psychics’ form in the program to date.

“I’m far from a believer, but I do admit there were several outcomes in the first show that shocked me,” says Lyons .

With years of experience, The One’s panellists will be tough judges.

Demarco is an initiated witch, educator and internationally-published author on metaphysical matters of more than 20 years experience.

Saunders has devoted more than a decade to testing psychic theory and is a member of Australian Skeptics, a group that investigates the paranormal from a scientific viewpoint.

THE ONE is an original format developed by David Taylor and David Maher from Fox Television Studios Australia produced in association with Channel Seven.

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  1. If Andrew Daddo is open-minded he’s either doing a great job of hiding it or he needs to give the editors a kick.

    But then, how could the editors get him to refer to Demarco as open-minded, when she absolutely believes this stuff despite all evidence to the contrary, while he call Saunders closed-minded even though Saunders said he’d like to believe and just needed evidence?

    The whole show is a credulous crock as described at:

  2. This could be good! Notice that they have a rep from the Aust Skeptics and that Daddo himself is open-minded. Buzz is that there’s a lot of popular figures doing guest-spots.

    With the trend turning towards shows like ‘Psych’ which challenge the credibility of psychics, this could be a good thing for viewers to catch. Supernova reflected a good scientific appreciation and maybe it’s time someone showed ‘Phenomenon’ how it should be done.

  3. David, the Supernova series which screened on UKTV and which starred Kat Stewart(Roberta Williams in Underbelly) was a comedy, or was meant to be funny( 1st series was ok, 2nd was lousy).

  4. I wonder if Today Tonight will do a story on the psychics that fail and show them up to be frauds….

    I wonder what the point of this show is – find the best or just prove that they don’t have any abilities.

  5. Wow. This is a complete and utter Phenomenon ripoff. That show was terrible, everyone knows psychics are little more than gimmicks i.e. magicians with better distraction techniques. The proper term for these frauds should be “Illusionists”, and very laughable ones at that. This will flop big time.

  6. I am looking into my crystal ball and I see 4 words FLOP what a shame you cant bet on what shows will be flops because this will be a dead cert

  7. Sounds similar to Phenomenon that was on NBC last year. Channel 9 showed a couple of teaser adverts for it and then obviously thought better of the idea. The show got cancelled after a handful of episodes…… I predict the same thing here

  8. Let me look into my crystal ball and see what can I see..

    people yawning on their couches.. could this sound more boring.
    But as for my predictions it will be slim and wont rate well after 1 episode… (I’m no Psychic to predict what’s going to happen)

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