America gets some Skins

Skins is set to air in the US on BBC America.

What on earth will they make of the outrageous, honest and buoyant kids when compared to the groomed kids of The OC or Gossip Girl?

Hopefully it will be a wake up call on depicting teenagers as true teenagers, not just young adults with adult values. But it will also push a lot of buttons for its use of sex, drugs and rock & roll. At least on cable it has a lot more leeway.

The series will air in a 9pm timeslot from August 13.

The second series of Skins airs at 10pm Mondays on SBS (although it’s resting for 2 weeks during the Tour de France cycling -back July 21).

Producers have also indicated all but one of the current cast will be replaced for the third series.

Source: Futon Critic


  1. lol wow, and I remember “some” readers commenting at the end of season one that the whole cast re-vamp was risky, unreasonable and even “creative suicide”
    Good old Aussie knee jerk reactions, apart from the US we are the most smug, arrogant and righteous fans on the planet and this coming from
    a country that is just about bankrupt on creativity!

  2. Ah, so THAT explains why one of the episodes of season 2 was almost entirely set (and filmed) in New York… 🙂

    The cast change for season 3 is not only a clever idea, but also very necessary, something that becomes clear as you reach the end of season 2; they’d just end up repeating themselves if they continued with the same characters. And the one character to carry over to season 3 makes perfect sense.

  3. I wonder if the americans are going to remake skins also? They seem to love to remake just about every other popular UK show, a American version of Skins???

  4. Excellent news. This show is such a breath of fresh air compared to so many inane teen shows. This show treats its characters like real human beings, warts and all. The kids sound and behave like real teens, which is just remarkable. I must say, had this aired on any channel other than SBS, the moral minority would have had their pitchforks and torches up in a rabble!

    Sad that the cast is going to change, but if the writing remains as strong as it has, it’ll be just fine.

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