TEN v FOX Sports

The TEN Network is considering launching a sports-only channel from next year as part of its expanded multi-channelling offering, in a move that would compete with FOX Sports.

The Australian reports the move is at the top of a list of options being considered by TEN for multi-channelling, when the three commercial free-to-air networks are each permitted to launch an additional standard-definition channel from the beginning of next year.

Other options include launching a lifestyle channel that would include cooking, travel and home-renovation programs (dear god!).

The revelations provide a glimpse into how the free-to-airs may think ahead of next year’s launch of the new standard-definition channels, and specialised content directed at certain demographics is likely to feature prominently.

TEN has been quietly upping the sports quotient in recent weeks, running MotoGP and Formula 1 grand prix events live on its HD multi-channel.

It surprised sports fans at the weekend by showing live the Wladimir Klitschko-Tony Thompson boxing world heavyweight title fight in the early hours of Sunday on its main and HD channels. It was the first time a free-to-air has run a world title fight, an area pay-TV has dominated, in more than a decade.

TEN is likely to bid for the rights to golf’s British Open when Nine’s rights expire after this week’s event at Royal Birkdale.

TEN expects the IPL cricket, for which it has signed a five-year deal worth $10-$15 million, to provide substantial content across its channels, as the tournament turns the sport on its head.

The weekend’s world title boxing screening has indicated TEN will compete with pay-TV to bid to win one-off events from rights holders.

Source: The Australian


  1. Luke (sexyer1)

    I can’t count the number of times I have missed the late news on TEN thinking Sports Tonight was on because of their stupid updates during the news.

    I’ve always hated sports being tacked onto news programs, perhaps we can get some genuine current affairs into the news without it!

  2. more standard definition sport? no thanks. keep the bandwidth for the HD channel. this is supposed to be 2008. there just isnt enough HD sport on FTA TV

  3. Some of us think that reality shows and US dramas interrupt our sports viewing, its really personal taste aint it? Sporting events are big raters, hence why they think a dedicated channel would do well.
    Also, there is several 24/7 news outlets, Foxtel has like 10 and the internet also has constantly updated news, then again, the internet has round the clock movies/tv shows on offer to… why the hell are we all watching TV???? 🙂

  4. nope trendy you’re not the only one, i would like the sport channel to have all the sport and the other channel to have none, so that those of us not interested won’t have to have our regular viewing interupted. i also think a news channel would be useful, running on a loop and adding to it during the day, so whenever you have the time to check the news it is right there waiting for you.

  5. Yes F1 live and not a 2-3 hour delay for the Sunday crap to end, with the exception of Dexter now on ch10.

    I’d rather watch F1 live at say 8:30 or when ever depending where they are in the world.

  6. I almost forgot about the NBA!!! Given there is at least one NBA game every day during the regular season, that should fill a few hours on the sports channel’s weekday schedule.

  7. Neerav Bhatt

    Sounds brilliant in theory but In practice I don’t think they could fill a whole channel with sports content, most of it would probably be lousy sports you’ve never heard of

    They’d be better off with a 2nd SD channel that has a mixture of good content from all areas, Sport, Lifestyle, entertainment etc

  8. Hope it happens!
    They’ll have plenty of content, not only the current games, live and after played, but they can bring out all the golden oldies from a hundred years of sport. Woohoo!

  9. Ten you are AWESOME even thinking about this. As for content, imagine alot of repeats of Sports Tonight, the various AFL shows and RPM. They also have aust rally (SBS have WRC). There is various other adventure sports (low budget FUEL TV) which could bve a filler for the big events TEN have rights to e.g. Golf, AFL, IPL.

    Please, no NBL unless TEN get it for free since that comp is a joke at present. NBA highlights no problem.

    Aleague highlights would be nice but unlikely since AFL rights are held by Ten and ALeague by Fox – they do share AFL content though.

    The lifestyle one sounds good on paper but Ten would be competing against itself in the daytime slots and rely on a different demographic in primetime. Sport v Sci/US drama viewers have less in common than lifestyle viewers IMO

  10. It’s a brave move for Ten to plan to set up a digital sports TV channel. It will need quite a lot of content to fill the schedule during weekdays.
    Will Ten bid for the rights to rugby union (Super 14 and Wallabies tests in Australia) and National Basketball League?

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