They weren’t all Happy Days, Marge.

Some ideas are just so bizarre you can’t help but be distracted by them.

Hands up who wants to see a TV show with former cast mates back in one-off acting stints?

‘Potsie’ and ‘Ralph Malph’ do, that’s for sure. Here the two former Happy Days castmates talk about their new project “Take 2” on YouTube.

The concept comes from David P. Levin of Brainstorm, who said that he was working with “literally hundreds of iconic stars” for a TV Land project when he saw the work of playwright Fred Stoppel and decided that he could recapture the chemistry of iconic TV-show pairings. He pitched it to Anson Williams, who recruited Donnie Most for the project, according to Levin.

Williams and Most, who are pitching the series, will executive-produce. Williams directed the project (hence their enthusiasm).

In this bizarre clip the two look to be aiming to be the next Larry David, breaking their stereotypes. The irony is of course, a show in which they are encouraged to shrug off their former personas, is only interested in them BECAUSE of their former personas. Don’t you break stereotypes by moving away from former roles rather than re-uniting with the brand?

Source: Broadcasting & Cable

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  1. What else do you do when trying to break character and no one will give you a role the provides that oppurtunity?
    Its like turning into the storm hoping it will break 😛

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