Torchwood, Californication still coming

Channel TEN has assured fans that Torchwood series two will still return to air -but it isn’t saying when.

A spokesperson from TEN told TV Tonight the show would definitely be back. “We have no plans for that one at this stage.” While not committing to any plans, it was not a done deal that the show would be shuffled to the HD channel. “No no, you will see it.”

TEN committed to two series of the British sci-fi when it acquired the show, but it had a chequered scheduling history when it didn’t attract strong ratings.

Both Torchwood and Californication were oddly absent from TEN’s second half slate announcement this month, but the David Duchovny drama is also guaranteed a return.

“We do have plans for the second season. We haven’t announced those as yet but we do have plans for them,” said the spokesperson.

TEN will also screen the Australian made telemovie The Informant featuring William McInnes later this year.

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