Release the penguins!

Nine has now locked in its first week of post-Olympics scheduling, which is dominated with specials, several movies and Two and a Half Men. None of its hotly-anticipated shows are slated. But wacky shows Wipeout and Hole in the Wall return.

No doubt Nine is conscious of the fact that Seven has the Closing Ceremony on Sunday August 24, and will surely win the week on the basis of this.

Here’s the way its schedule stacks up:

Sunday August 24
6:30pm What’s Good For You? Spring Special
7:30pm 60 Minutes
8:30pm CSI Miami. New Episode.
9:30pm CSI Miami. Rpt.

Monday Aug 25
7:00pm Two and a Half Men. Rpt. (cont nightly)
7:30pm Movie: March of the Penguins
9:30pm Movie: Firewall
11:10pm Movie: Unleashed (GTV: Footy Classified)

Tuesday Aug 26
7:30pm Wipeout. New Episode.
8:30pm Two and a Half Men. New Episode.
9:00pm Two and a Half Men. New Episode.
9:30pm 50 to 1. Rpt
11.30pm 10 to 1. New Episode. (not a typo!)

Wednesday Aug 27
7:30pm Two and a Half Men. Rpt.
8:00pm Hole in the Wall. AFL v NRL. New Episode.
8:30pm Movie: Click.
10:45pm Movie: Little Nicky. Rpt.

Thursday Aug 28
7:30pm Getaway. New Episode.
8:30pm Australia’s Naughtiest Home Video Show. Special. Hosted by Bert Newton.
9:30pm The Footy Show

Saturday Aug 30
6:30pm Funniest Home Videos. New Episode.
7:30pm Wipeout. Rpt.*
8:30pm Movie: Spiderman rpt*
11:00pm Movie: Swordfish rpt*

The Naughtiest Home Videos special is a look back at Doug Mulray’s programme which Kerry Packer pulled off air 16 years ago. Could be fun to see what got us so offended back then and how it stacks up today.

Presumably Nine will hold off on big guns until the week of August 31, but in doing so it allows Seven a week of traction on its new shows. It also gives Australian Idol a good start out from the box in its “audition week.”

And who thought the Olympics is where all the fun and games were?

* further amendments

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