Dicko the wrestler

Be careful what you wish for.

This week on his breakfast radio show, Dicko made some gags about the fakery of wrestling.

While trying to find a sports DVD he reckons he could only find wrestling DVDs, not exactly his idea of “sports” he said. According to Dicko it’s only for lonely desperate men to enact their school boy fantasies and they need to grow up.

But he could be regretting those words now Wrestlerock has put him up to the challenge of battling some mean-looking bloke named “Krackerjack.”

Always a man to put his money where his mouth is, now Dicko is set to get in the ring in a match on November 7th at Melbourne’s Hifi Bar.

Very Sam Newman of him….


  1. all the people I know who like wrestling are happy, married and immature… lonely and desperate??? ouch, I take personal offence to that since I am lonely but would NEVER in a million years watch wrestling…nor want to re-enact school days either…tsk tsk hehe

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