Airdate: Weddings: Where Are They Now?

Just scraping into the television year is a special Nine promised was coming a year ago, Weddings – Where are they Now?

The special, announced as part of Nine’s 2009 programming at its launch twelve months ago, catches up with more than 30 couples who were married on the lifestyle show Weddings over a decade ago. The show was hosted in the late 90’s by Jane Hall.

This special will look back at some of these couples to find out “who has won and who has lost in the game of love.” Bound to include some dodgy fashion too!

It airs at 7:30pm Monday November 24.

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  1. Hey guys just wanted to know if this actually got aired because my mum and dad got married on it, I was the flower girl and we heard nothing about this being aired again…

  2. I vaguely remember Weddings but not anything specific as I was running around in nappies in the ’90s.

    “The show was hosted in the late 90’s by Jane Hall.” As in the same Jane Hall from Neighbours? Interesting.

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