Superstar Dancers of the World

Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance fame have developed a new global dance competition tentatively titled Superstar Dancers of the World (please change that titled pronto, boys!).

Australia will be one of eight countries set to participate in the battle, which sounds part Eurovision and part circus acrobatics.

“This dance competition is very much like the Olympics,” said Craig Plestis from NBC.

“The physical feats these athletes and artists pull is mind-blowing, and we’re so excited to form what we hope will be the definitive dance competition to decide which nation has what it takes to be the best of the best in the world.”

Each team comprises of two soloists, one duo and one larger group. The artists are not only representing themselves, but also their dance form and nation: Ireland, India, the US, Argentina, China, Russia, South Africa and Australia.

Impressively hosted by Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance) the series will air in early 2009.

Source: Futon Critic


  1. It better not be on ten – otherwise we wont get it here in Tassie. Hate the title, not sure about the premise, but apparently Henry Byalikov is one of Australia’s reps so I wanna watch it if only for that reason!

  2. why only 8 countries?, and those countries are so random, where is the Canada, UK and the rest of Europe

    or is it one country per continent, (with exceptions)?

  3. I hope ten get this, actually im praying ten get this. It just fits in with there product and schedule. It will also give them less headaces next year with BB gone. Hopefully they fast track it. If it starts in Jan/Feb, they can air it in Dance’s slot and push dance Australia to april to fill BB. that would also help strenghten there mid season lineup.

    My only concern is that from that article it looks like NBC are going to air this in the states. this is concerning since reality is not there strong point. I would of thought since Dance and Idol air on Fox, Fox would air this.

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