Foxtel to air Mardi Gras

Foxtel has signed a broadcast deal for the 2009 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade.

It will screen on the newtork’s pay per view Channel, Main Event, on March 7th.

Brian Walsh, said the organisation was proud to support such an iconic event. “We are thrilled to give people outside of Sydney an opportunity to experience the historic parade and the extravaganza surrounding it.”

Foxtel has previously aired Mardi Gras. 

Source: SX


  1. “….it was confirmed that on March 7th 2009 the Parade will be available in its entirety on a pay-per-view basis through FOXTEL’s Main Event channel.”

    so it will definately cost money.

  2. just because its on main event doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to pay for it

    sometimes some AFL games and rugby league games go on main event and they are free

  3. mmm, if it was on one of the regular channels I might have watched it but im not interested enough to pay extra onto my $100+ a month I already pay for foxtel, mardi gras isnt what it used to be anyway imo.

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