Airdate: Secret Life of the Manic Depressive, The Machine That Made Us

sfryIf you’re a fan of Stephen Fry you’re in a for a bit of a treat.

There are two documentaries heading our way featuring the comic British actor, one on ABC and another on SBS.

As anybody who saw him on Who Do You Think You Are? knows, he’s always an interesting subject or host.

Stephen Fry: The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive has already screened on pay television but is an award winning look at the actor’s personal struggle with a disease that gets little attention (especially on television).

Fry chats to stars in Hollywood and Britain including Carrie Fisher, Richard Dreyfuss and Rick Stein, as well as ordinary people who juggle this illness with their working lives.

There are candid interviews discussing mood swings and extremes of behaviour, reckless aggression, crazy sex, wild decisions, and criminal impulses.

The two part documentary begins 9:35pm Monday February 9th and continues a week later.

Meanwhile SBS has The Machines That Made Us, a look at the Gutenberg printing press, which invented in the 1440s the production of mass media possible.

This doco follows Fry as he travels to France and Germany to learn about the inventor, Johannes Gutenberg, and assembles a group of craftsmen to build a replica of Gutenberg’s original machine.

“The printing press was the most revolutionary technology since the wheel,” says Fry (what about hypercolor t-shirts, Steve?).

It airs 7:30pm Friday Februry 20th.


  1. But when is someone going to get hold of the wonderful and often hilarious QI (Quite Interesting) hosted by Stephen. There are 5 seasons already broadcast and it is very popular in Britain.

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