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Blame the financial meltdown for this pitch? Kelsey Grammer is taking another shot at a network comedy in which he stars as as a corporate tycoon who reconnects with his family after being downsized out of his powerful job.

ABC has given a pilot commitment to a half-hour, multicam comedy from Everybody Loves Raymond writer   Tucker Cawley.

Last year Back to You failed to fire on the FOX Network, which was largely cited as th4e wrong home for the vehicle. Grammer also suffered a minor heart attack in 2008.

This new project comes just months after ABC passed on Grammer’s last comedy in development, an adaptation of the British comed Roman’s Empire -which premieres in Australia next week on ABC2.

Grammer has also been cast in the upcoming remake of Fame (which will surely never match the original!)

Source: Variety


  1. nothing beats Raymond though so it’s kind of a let down when you have Debra or Robert in a new show, cos it won’t be as funny as Everbody Loves Raymond.

  2. Hahaha southpatt that was episode 2 if I recall, that was an awesome ep!! How many fish died in that ep?? It must’ve been like 4 or 5 and it was funnier every time!!

    That being said, I stopped watching after around ep 9. Once it was axed I didn’t bother following the rest, there’s no point

  3. As Craig said – High Production costs killed this show.

    Although the writers strike probably helped nail the lid on

    A shame, as I really liked this show, Kelsey Grammar is a comic genius with his delivery!

    Who remembers the dead goldfish story from this series 🙂

  4. Where are the new “Everyone loves Raymond,Family Ties type shows ?
    Seems networks do not give shows that all important 3rd season .
    I liked Back to You but my main beef was “overexaggeration of minor characters” and their traits.

  5. knoxoverstreet

    Nah Rules is better. Back to you suffered because kelsey and pat heaton had zero chemistry and heaton is also quite unlikeable. It had a few laughs but overall I was disappointed because I had high hopes for it being a fan of the newsroom genre eg MTM & Murphy Brown.

  6. I really liked Back to You. I can tell it’s a show that could’ve improved even more if it were given more time.

    I was wondering what was happening with Roman’s Empire. I guess it’s good that it’s not going ahead since it was going to be a remake and I’d prefer an original show.

    I really am glad to hear that although Roman’s Empire is canned that Kelsey will be in another show. Since it’ll revolve around his family, I hope they get a great cast and not an annoying and corny cast like all sitcoms these days seem to employ.

  7. knoxoverstreet

    Back To You wasn’t a great show but it was passable. Not sure why he’s bothering when he’s already been in two of the greatest sitcoms ever.

  8. Back to You was a great show, its a shame it was axed. FOX’s sitcom record isn’t getting any better with Do Not Disturb axed after 2 episodes and Til Death canned back in November

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