Council check on Domestic Blitz

Five council rangers from Warringah Council in Sydney halted production on Domestic Blitz last Wednesday following complaints about materials and equipment.

The Nine show was renovating a home in Nimbey Ave, Narraweena when council staff visited the show.

Co-host Scott Cam describes as the reaction more suited to the Tactical Response Group than a local council.

The crew were warned about vehicles parked across driveways, a mound of topsoil on the road and construction equipment on the nature strip.

Cam said Warringah Council reserve bookings co-ordinator Annette Ritchie had told him she would ensure the team “would never be allowed to shoot in Warringah ever again.”

He said it was the first time such an incident had occurred while he was working on Domestic Blitz or Backyard Blitz.

A council statement noted of the breaches, “These are in breach of EPA and council regulations and not in accordance with their conditions for filming consent.”

No fines were issued.

Last November The Biggest Loser triggered more than 100 submissions made by residents to Warringah Council including complaints about noise, loss of privacy, odours, lightspill, signage, parking and traffic. FremantleMedia was forced to find a new home for its 2009 reality series.

Source: Sunday Telegraph


  1. What’s happened with community spirit? it seems to be lost in this country.
    Good on the team from Chanel Nines Domestic Blitz, I wish there were more people out there like them.
    They are a rare gem and should not have to put up with harassement from Councils, especially when they are doing such a great thing for the Aussie battler.
    As for the answer to Ralph comment, “it’s called a tow truck”.

  2. Sounds like the residents of Warringah care nothing for anybody other than themselves. The show does a great thing for people who really deserve it, and for people to complain about things as small as whats listed above is just bloody ridiculous.

    I would have thought that the council would have a bit smarter than to take the action that they did, but, obviously they weren’t…

    Shame on Warringah and the Warringah Council.

  3. Kevin V Russell

    Good to see Channel Nein getting stuck into the Council, They are probably like my Council (Geelong) they lack accountability and they bend the rules to suit their mates and to hell with everyone else.

  4. Did you see ACA tonight? The rangers parked the wrong way and across one of the neighbours drives! No one from the crew parked across any driveway on Nimbey Ave. I know because I live there and they adhered to the detailed traffic plan they submitted to council (at great expence).

  5. This is pathetic. But then again, so are all councils in Australia. It took my parents 8 months just to get the go ahead for their sunroom. I’m guessing that these council members just wanted to get on TV. Saying that, Shelly and Scott are doing fantastic things for deserving families (even though they are just doing it for ratings) and this is just poor.

  6. seems to me the people of Warringah prefer things their way or no way. time to wake up people. They are helping a family who not only needs it but deserves it.

    Get your nose out from the sky and relax a little

  7. I cannot stand Warringah council! In fact, I can’t stand all councils in Australia!

    I’m glad ACA will be doing a story on this tomorrow! As lame as Domestic Blitz is, it is giving a present to some really deserving people and I can’t believe the council would want to put a stop to that.

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