Eli Stone

George Michael returns for a musical cameo in the season finale. 8:30pm Thursday on Seven.

  • Carla Cametti, PD.
  • Heroes
  • Ugly Betty
  • Roman’s Empire
  • Greek


  1. I’ve watched this series throughout summer and am really glad I did. The final ep was great. But I can’t believe I’ll (probably) have to wait until next summer to tune in to Season 2. Will 7 even bother continuing to air the series, since ABC axed it?

  2. Based on your review David, I decided to give this program a chance and I am really glad that I did. It is the only new series that I have been watching this summer and it seems that I was fortunate that it actually made to the finale. I feel for those who were watching Army Wives, In Plain Sight and Gossip Girl.

    I can’t for the finale tonight. Any idea when Seven will be showing the second and final season of this good little show?

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