Micallef moonlights on TEN

Shaun Micallef will host TEN’s new panel show MyGen (is that the best name they could come up with?), which pits celebrity baby boomers against generations X and Y to find out who knows most about the world.

While playing quizmaster on the new show, he is expected to remain with NEWStopia on SBS (although there has been no formal announcement of the show moving forward).

Previously known as Talkin’ ’bout my Generation the half-hour comedy panel show, will tackle everything pop culture.

Micallef is also expected to be developing new shows for TEN.

The more Shaun the better. There are too many who miss out on his champagne comedy style!

Source: smh.com.au


  1. sorry, “Hares & Tortoises” actually. Yes… that’s… much… better…. or there’s “Wrong Side Of 40″… the list goes on… Must destroy list…

  2. “MyGen” sounds like an ointment… sorry…

    what about “Old School v New School”… “Truth or Youth”… “Hey Hey its A Quiz Show”… “Does Mum Know Best?”… “What Do You Know?”… “I Know Everything”… “So You Think You Know Everything?”… “Are You Smarter Than Your Fifth Grandchild?”… “Another Rubbish Title”… “Act Your Age”… “Age vs Knowledge”… “The Generation Gap”… “Generation Population: The Gen-pop Quiz Show”… “Pop-Gen” … “Get Smart” oh wait that’s already been done… or borrow from Judge Judy with “Poppycock!”, “That’s Ludicrous” or some other jaded catchphrase but my personal favourite is perhaps this one: “Disparity”. But let’s face it they’re all complete and utter crap suggestions, just like this one: “Rabbits and Hares”. God… that’s just awful.

  3. Micallef is a comic genius but commercial audiences just don’t get him!!! Very frustrating.

    I bought the Micallef In A Box boxset recently and laughed my box off for weeks.

  4. Micallef back to commercial TV in a regular role. Didn’t last long last time. But Shaun is always good value, even if the format isn’t exactly novel.

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