Returning: Outrageous Fortune

Zany New Zealand comedy Outrageous Fortune sees its fourth season airing on the Arena channel next month.

The series has won something of a cult following in Australia thanks to its airing on both Nine and TEN.

Grant Bowler (Border Security, Lost) returns to play Wolfgang West once more, but its Robyn Malcolm as matriarch Cheryl West who is the star of this batty family.

The series is also due for a US remake under Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars).

It returns Sunday February 15 at 7.30pm on Arena.

No word on a free to air screening just yet…

Press Release:
New Zealand’s best-loved comedy drama Outrageous Fortune continues on Arena in 2009. In the fourth series, Cheryl battles the forces of Wolf to defend her kids and castle, but as family tensions erupt, the worst villain may be the enemy within …

Outrageous Fortune is a comedy-drama series about the wrong sort of people trying to do the right thing when the rewards for going straight are neither immediate nor bountiful. It is a bold, fresh series which is by turns bawdy, action-packed, satirical and trashy – but only ever a heartbeat away from reality. The idea of a former crime family trying to go straight, the tension this generates between matriarch and patriarch, and the contemporary moral questions the show poses, all provide a touchstone for 21st century audiences everywhere.

Stars Robyn Malcolm as Cheryl West, Antony Starr as twins Van and Jethro West, Grant Bowler as Wolfgang West, Siobhan Marshall as Pascalle West, Antonia Prebble as Loretta West, Frank Whitten as Grandpa Ted West, Tammy Davis as Munter, Kirk Torrance as Wayne Judd, Nicole Whippy as Kasey, Tyler-Jane Mitchel as Sheree and Craig Hall as Nicky.


  1. It’s about time FTA channels got their act together. We’ve just returned from 14 months across the ditch, and OF has a huge following, although mainly ex-pat kiwis.
    The powers that be need to realise that not everyone can view Arena, and they should cater for the people who can’t see it on anything other than FTA. As it’s a kiwi show, it should be available for all kiwis to watch, without having to get pay tv.

    Munter and Van are not happy!!

  2. I wish FTA people would wake up and realise that this is a good show, instead of putting the total crap on that they have now. Wipeout, ladette to lady, reruns of crap old shows like murder she wrote and moonlighting.
    Thank god we can buy the OF DVDs otherwise Id have to resort to getting pay tv.
    For everyones information, buy the dvds off as its way cheaper with the exchange rate, even with the postal cost. I got series 1 for $25 inc post.

  3. Bought Series 4 early last week…can’t complain it just keeps getting better!!!
    Hanging out for Series 5 now!!! I read via Outrageous Fortune website that it will be available in DVD in Oct 09? Very different from straight-laced dramas here in Australia, Just love it!!

  4. I”m addicted. I bought series 1 in Australia, but ordered series2/3 from NZ. Was in Auckland in December and bought series4. 3 days ago i had a 12 hr marathon can’t wait for series 5. I ove Munter

  5. I love this show….I’m addicted to it! I love the writers’ minds and the actors are pure gold- “Santa” gave me series 1-3 for Christmas. Used to watch it on tv here in Dublin but no longer on…..some stations haven’t got a clue what viewers want.

  6. while the fta networks have left it to late to start airing the show from the start, best bet is that one network will pick up the american re-make and try to market that in a prime time slot.

  7. I was in Auckland for Xmas & picked up season 4 on DVD (only $24.95) – its fantastic!!!!
    I finished watching the season only yesterday & I love this show even more now.
    For fans that cant wait – get the dvds – a lot better!
    Fans are in for a real treat this season – episode 10 is outstanding, you’ll know why when you see it!!

  8. I think Outrageous Fortune is pretty much dead to FTA. Season 3 hasn’t even screened yet and that was released on DVD 5 months ago. Plus, DVDs are preferable considering the frantic and inconsistent scheduling of the show on Ten/Nine.

    As long as they continue to release the DVDs locally, I’m happy. 🙂

  9. This is such a great show! I love it! It should have been given better treatment from the FTA networks and it could have done well but they left it too late now to start from the start.

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