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mrudanSBS launches a new weekly football news program Extra Time next week with both male and female hosts.

The World Game reporters Scott McIntyre and Mariana Rudan (pictured) will present the show each Tuesday evening. The half hour program will take a look at all the latest football news, results and highlights from the A-League, English Premier League and all the major leagues from across Europe.

Extra Time is a brand new sport news program dedicated to everything football, with a focus on the latest results, breaking news and headlines from Australia and overseas,” said SBS Head of Sport, Ken Shipp.

“Presented by Scott McIntyre and Mariana Rudan, both experienced and passionate football reporters, Extra Time is a show where the sport’s most avid fans and the casual followers can come together every Tuesday on SBS for their regular dose of football news.”

McIntyre has covered a number of major international sporting events for SBS including the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, 2006 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 2008.

Marian Rudan can be seen each week presenting the news updates and reporting on The World Game. She also co-hosts The Italian Game and contributes to The World Game online.

TEN recently announced a female sports commentator, Kelli Underwood, for NAB Cup matches.

Extra Time airs every Tuesday at 6pm or streams online on demand at


  1. Paul, your confusion lies in the fact that you think real football is the stuff played with the hands (Union, League etc).
    You need to wake up to yourself and realise that the real football is the world game, and the only one played purely with the foot.

  2. Paul, football is what americans and australians call soccer because they have a local football code. even the british who invented the game call it football but since in Australia there is at least 4 codes that use the term football, footy etc. then fair enough to your confusion. NRL, ARL, AFL seem not to like other codes and especially FFA using football because they have assumed “ownership” of the term when really there is only one football (aka real football aka soccer). Confusing yes.

  3. when people call soccer football it absolutely confuses me. I was reading this as if it were talking about real football, then after it stopped making sense i realised it was talking about european football aka Soccer.

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