Memorial: Historic broadcast by all 5 networks

earth-largeSunday’s National Day of Mourning will be an historic moment in broadcasting as all five free to air networks screen the Memorial Service simultaneously.

So far Seven, SBS, ABC and TEN and Nine(in that order) have announced telecasts of the event from Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. Sky News will also screen it.

The service is an opportunity to reflect on the loss of life, and to salute the courage of the fire-fighters and volunteers. It will begin at 11am AEDST, broadcasting live to cities interstate.

For all five networks to screen the same programme is indicative of its importance to the country. Aside from their brief Freeview launch late last year, there are few events that have screened nationally across all five free to air networks at the same time.

A full breakdown of telecasts can be seen here.


  1. Having two children singing in the choir at the memorial service I explained to them how important it was to recognise the magnitude of the disaster, the loss and the heroism of all involved – yes money etc is important – but taking time out to stop and really think about it was meaningful to many people.

    Of course the pollies had their place – they are representatives of the people after all, but I was pleased to see the effort that went into making it an inclusive service – cultures and religions united. There should be more of that in the world and maybe the man-made disasters like 911 and Bali Bombings wouldn’t happen!

  2. Well looks like out for dinner and a movie on Sunday night then… I am over hearing about it all… the 10 secs i seen of eddie was enough as well… i dont know how the 4 hr viewers made it.

    Yes its sad, heart felt hugs to those effected, and billions of $$$$ to you all . I give it about 1 more week before its yesterdays news. Just like the The Beaconsfield Mine crap that was soooooo drawn out. Talk about slow news weeks. We are told every day at the moment that these are “hard economic crisis times” yet we still can give all this money??? i am confused…. but here have $900 more Aust!!! to spend..or save

    My theory is people just don’t want to spend the way they used too. I for one don’t spend like i used too. I don’t need anything else in my unit i have everything i wanted to get, bills paid, car is hot and runs great. Shame at least on channel doesn’t have some thing else to watch.

  3. This is totally shameless.

    The networks loved these deadly fires — if you worked in their newsrooms during this horrible tragedy you’d know just about much they love this stuff. Sick beyond belief.

    The Sydney Morning Herald had a good article on this the other day.

  4. Oh no, I don’t know how much more of this I can endure. If I want to know anything more about the fires I’ll talk to the 10+ people I know who’s houses have burnt down, rather than listen to a bunch of politicians crying crocodile tears.

  5. Saga: Don’t watch it if you don’t care. Disasters don’t come much bigger and a whole lot of people do seem to care, and would love the chance to pay their respects.

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