TEN reporter to undergo major surgery

hpotterThoughts go out to legendary Channel TEN reporter Harry Potter, who will undergo radical surgery on Monday after being diagnosed with secondary cancer which was initially described as inoperable.

The man with the distinct voice says he first felt pain in November before being diagnosed last month.

A team of six specialists from Royal Prince Alfred hospital has been assembled and will operate to remove a large lower back tumour during 15 hours of surgery.

“Three weeks ago my oncologist told me to get my things in order because I had six months to live,” a typically upbeat Potter, 68, told news.com.au. “I’ve been very ill before but I’ve always had an escape route – but this time I was snookered.

“But then I was told of a Dr Solomon who has been researching and practising a new technique. I tracked him down.”

Dr Solomon decided Potter had a chance and could live another 10 years.

The cancer is in the vertebrae and surrounding muscles and nerves. The team has only operated on one other patient with a tumour as bad as Potter’s. “It will be extreme and I’m not out of the woods but if being operated on helps their research then it will be one of the most important things I’ve ever done,” Potter said.

Potter, who beat bowel cancer in 2005, said he wanted to live for his four children and wife Katrina Lee.

Thinking of you Mr. Potter!

Source: news.com.au


  1. Get well soon Harry, been a fan for a lot, a lot of years, even before you’re hair was erm blondish mate, damn, that means folks will know I lived in Blues country *ick* Go the Maroons!

  2. This is terrible! This guy is the best! I used to watch him when I was a kiddie, he would be all “Harry Potter…Ten News” and I would be like “Harry Potter is on the news!” That treatment had better work a spell, cause this guy deserves all that life has to offer and more. God be with him in this time

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