Auditions: Game Show

Not many details on this one yet. Nine has a new game show in the pipeline.

contestNo finer details on this one yet…

Nine is looking for contestants for a “new game show” in Melbourne.

And no it isn’t Millionaire.

Last year Nine promised a number of other game shows including Jingles and Amnesia. Meanwhile both Temptation and Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune folded.

To apply, email [email protected]

If you decide to apply, be sure to keep TV Tonight in the loop!

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  1. Hey guys, it appears they are serious about the whole confidentiality thing, the only thing they told us was that its an gameshow and not a quiz show, and that the audience is part of it and can win prizes also. It was the stock standard audition, do a presentation to the crowd and get your photo taken, plus they really really pushed the whole confidentiality thing, but there is nothing said about name/host or anything like that, its going to pilot stage in a few weeks but no firm word on it getting picked up.

  2. I’m sure it’s completely unrelated, but i saw an ad in MX Sydney when i was there a few weeks ago for people to come forward and tell nine about their horror travel experiences. Could be a game show in reliving their nightmares for a prize.

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