Coleby quits Home and Away

conradHome and Away‘s Conrad Coleby will leave the soap after just 15 months with the series.

Coleby, who has played diner chef Roman Harris since 2007, will finish filming later this month after producers decided that the character had run his course, reports The Daily Telegraph.

It is not yet known whether his on-screen daughter Nicole (Tessa James) will remain with the series.

Prior to his role on Home And Away, Coleby starred in medical series All Saints and the failed soap HeadLand.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. Since Harold left? Ummmm yeh….. wrong soap, wrong channel and well just plain wrong 🙂

    As for notthe same, some might say Pippa, Sally, Ailsa, Bobby and a few others for example

  2. because my lady likes to watch h&w, i by default watch it. I dont have a whole lot of love for the series (every week, there is typically someone who has their life in danger) – but I’ve found it considerably much more watchable with this guy in it. I’ve liked his strong character – an interesting backstory and a type of “rock” for the other younger characters looking for advice etc. It’s been kind of refreshing to have a strong male character -and now they’re cutting him loose?

    I guess they’re going back to the “life-in-danger-person-of-the-week” format.
    If i was more of a fan, I’d be a lot more disappointed….

  3. I hope Nicole stays. I like her.
    And Conrad has run his course?? I think there are othe characters on the show who have run their course too…

  4. If the producers ‘decided that the character had run his course’ doesn’t that mean he was ‘axed’ from the show rather than ‘quit’ the show.

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