Community TV rallies for Logie invite

The Australian Community Television Alliance has called on Logie organisers to allow The Bazura Project to compete for an award.

bazuralogoFollowing from media coverage earlier this week on the ABC, the push to recognise community television at the Logie Awards continues.

Now non-profit industry body The Australian Community Television Alliance (ACTA) has called on Logie organisers to allow Channel 31’s The Bazura Project to compete for the award for peer-voted Outstanding Comedy Show.

“At a time when there are continuing calls for increased local content on Australian television we believe that this decision is unfair and unreasonable,” said Laurie Patton, ACTA spokesman and CEO of TVS (Television Sydney).

“Where will we find the next Rove, the next Corinne Grant, the next Hamish and Andy – all of whom got their start on Community Television – if we don’t encourage people to have a go and if we don’t recognise them in the most important industry awards?” Mr Patton added.

Earlier this week Media Watch reported on the snubbing of The Bazura Project by the Logies, which has not extended the party invite to community TV.

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  1. David, why don’t they use this as a push to go digital? Network 3+1 (aka 31) or under the name “Aurora” should happen. Use this as a legit push for a digital conversion, as it is indeed needed.

    They already have the power, why don’t they use it.

    A stable fourth force in commercial FTA television is needed.

    Only a 31 network can assure this.

  2. Given that Channel 31 isn’t nationally broadcast, and most people don’t even have it tuned on on their TVs, it’s incredibly unlikely they would even get a nomination even if they were included on the form.

  3. As a long time reader of TV Week, I’m embarassed at this lack of support and their pathetic responses to Bazura’s wish to be nominated. I don’t watch The Bazura Project, but I certainly support their desire to be considered.

  4. I don’t see why community TV shouldn’t be included. As long as the community TV awards open there awards to include mainstream TV.

    Does anyone know if the AFIs exclude community TV?

  5. After watching Media Watch last Monday (09MAR09) it was interesting to note the major Australian TV awards folk are just as arrogant when it comes listening to our entertainers as the television station are when it comes to listening to viewers. As for watching the Logies, nah, gave it up years ago, but if Gretel gets the gig, I’ll watch her introduce the night, then turn off

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