LifeStyle has Grand Designs for Australia

grand-designs21Australia is to get its very own version of the UK renovation series Grand Designs.

Grand Designs tells the stories of new homes by self-builders, from the initial blueprints to the arduous task of turning them into a practical living space.

A 10 part series will be produced by FremantleMedia for The LifeStyle Channel.

LifeStyle General Manager Nicole Sheffield said,“We have been premiering this series on The LifeStyle Channel since 2005 and it is consistently one of the channel’s most watched shows. Our viewers have been asking for an Australian version of this fantastic series for some time and we are thrilled to be bringing them Grand Designs Australia.”

“This is our biggest production commitment to-date. We will follow these self builders for over a year to bring their inspirational Australian stories to life.”

FremantleMedia CEO Mark Fennessy said, “We’ll feature incredible designs and dream homes of ambitious Australians – from concept to completion and everything in between. It will be a stunning series that will redefine home renovation programs in this country.”

The UK home-based series hosted by Kevin McCloud has also been enormously popular with ABC viewers.

A presenter for the Australian series is yet to be announced. The series goes into production immediately.

FremantleMedia Australia is currently looking for people to feature in the series.

Log on to to register interest.


  1. It would be great if Kevin could be wrangled into hosting… he’s got a great manner and style, but will tell the owners they’re idiots when they’ve stuffed up.

    Love it.

  2. Hi David,
    just a minor quibble. It’s not a renovation show. It’s about people building their dream home from idea and plans to building and moving in. There is usually a fair amount of stress and many problems along the way. It’s voyeristic, but also fascinating depending on the engineering etc, or the barminess/innocence of the home owners.

    It is quite an incredible show. It’s more about the building and engineering than the people, although everyone ends up going way over budget.

    In many cases it takes 18 months to two years to produce these stories, and that would drive me insane. It doesn’t look like an expensive show to make, but the production time would feel like dead money to a network.

  3. I take it then this show won’t be debuting for approx 18 months? I love the UK version, will be interesting to see an Aussie version although it won’t be the same without Kevin.

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