Ooops, wrong Daddo

daddoThe Daily Telegraph today hints that Andrew Daddo will co-host Channel Nine’s upcoming This Afternoon magazine and not Mark Ferguson.

Apprently Cameron Daddo told Kyle and Jackie O, “I can’t say anything about it but I’ve spoken to one Daddo and I know one Daddo’s made a pretty big change.

“I can’t say anything because I don’t know if it’s out yet.”

But alongside the article it has a picture of another Daddo – brother Lochie (there are four Daddo boys in total).

For the record, the original email leak that initially tipped off about This Afternoon from within the Nine bunker did indicate, “Hosted by, amongst others, Fergo, it’ll hit the big stories hard.”

Andrew Daddo, who hosted The One and Yum Cha for Seven last year is a tad older than Lochie.

Source: Daily Telegraph



  1. Cameron’s best work would have to be his appearances in TEN’s kids’ shows “Off the Dish” and “Catch Cameron”. It has to be said that I was 13 when these shows were on and wasn’t yet a particularly discerning viewer.

    Anyone else remember the slogan “We’ve got a Daddo”? Can’t remeber what show it was used to promote.

  2. Believe me David, I’ve looked at their work – and then done what most have done and promptly switched off.

    As far as I can tell, Andrew has only had one hit on aus tv – “The One” and that was more to do with peoples interest in the afterlife rather than his hosting abilities.

    What hits has Cameron had on TV – Models Inc.? Pirate Paster? My Kid’s a Star? (BTW – I have already seen his performance as VP on 24 – terrible american accent!)

    I think the fact that you have pointed to the Daddo’s off screen efforts says everything.

    From what I’ve seen, they seem like nice enough people, but talent wise they are just too fake and “wooden” for Aussie TV success.

    It’s time for Aus TV exec’s to start developing some new talent.

  3. I have never understood 7 and 9’s fascination with the Daddo’s.

    I find them very “fake” – perhaps they have been too heavily trained by a talent academy. In other words, they don’t come across as real people – more liike cardboard cut outs.

    A lot of other people I speak to can’t stand them either. Surely 9 could find someone new and fesh who comes across as a more natural TV talent.

    • Perhaps, but while Yum Cha or The One weren’t exactly the best on the box, Andrew has built some credibility as an ABC broadcaster and author of children’s books. Working long hours on live telly has to demand some respect. Some of Cameron’s best work was in theatre, particularly a 3 hour stage role in a hit musical in the early 1990s. He got rave reviews all round (he’s in 24 next week too). It’s often easy to take aim at the surname without actually looking at the work.

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