Airdate: Lost: A Journey in Time

lost4Seven airs another Lost special “A Journey in Time” before the first instalment of the two hour finale.

The special looks at the latest theories of the island and survivor of Oceanic 815.

It screens at 12 am Wednesday 27th May (midnight Tuesday) with Part 1 of its split finale screening at 11pm Wednesday night.


  1. what i sent a postcard , im sooooo upset it didnt arrive , ill post off another one when i fly over on my weekend trip to watch the simpsons & family guy .

    ps why cant bittorrent have frequent flyer points ???


  2. You’re not alone Craig. I’m confused too! Hope channel seven can at least get it’s act right for next year and air the episode super fast tracked! But as if that would happen.

  3. That’s what TARDIS’s are for David! Zip over, watch the 2 hours of Lost, and back again!

    Didn’t find the finale confusing at all Craig – just left with OMG!!! and I can’t wait 8 months for the final season! Probably the best oh my god final moment of any TV episode evah!

    The greatest thing is not knowing how next season is going to begin with any degree of certainty. Anything is possible.

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