Returning: Flight of the Conchords

concAs previously advised, Flight of the Conchords is heaading back to Australian television, now on SBS from Monday 8th June at 9.00pm.

It had previously aired on Network TEN.

Jemaine Clement,  Bret McKenzie, Rhys Darby, Kristen Schaal and Arj Barker return as underdog comic heroes.

“A Good Opportunity” aired in the US in January. With Murray spending all of his time managing the Crazy Dogggz, Bret and Jemaine fire him, and are in turn hired to make an advertisement for women’s toothpaste. Meanwhile Murray’s fortunes reverse after he discovers that the Crazy Dogggz big hit is a rip-off of a 1990s Polish song.

The episode also features a cameo appearance from comedian Greg Proops.


  1. FOTC snuck up on non-rating TEN and who ever thought the kiwi’s could send themselves up beter than us Aussies? Onya SBS (pity about the ads though)!

  2. @boxhead,
    Yeah that is a great episode, directed by Michel Gondry, I believe that is episode 5.

    Glad sbs are airing it, rather than 10, it will be on earlier than what 10 would of aired it, which is a Plus!!! 😉

  3. Good work by SBS on picking this one up…..FOTC is one of the most under-rated (maybe misunderstood??) shows on television.
    Looking forward to the episode where Jemaine goes out with an Aussie girl called Keitha….played by Sarah Wynter!!

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