Rove: guests June 1 / 7

gordon_ramsay1If there’s a hot ticket in town it would have to be audience tickets for an upcoming episode of Rove on June 7th.

He’s got Gordon Ramsay and Seal, with the latter performing “A Change Is Gonna Come” (well it would hardly be the former now, would it?).

Some Rove shows struggle a bit with top names, as is the nature of the biz really. This one is coming up trumps.

And yes, Gordo will be in the studio.

This week its Kelly Clarkson and Judith Lucy.


  1. I cannot wait to see Rove interview Gordon. I wonder how he will react to Rove. Hope he has interesting finasl 5 questions. Go Rove!

  2. What are people talking about when wanting Ramsay back on air? Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen are already screening 9.30 and 10.30 Tuesday nights and have been there for several weeks…

  3. Neon Kitten

    Ramsay in Melbourne again? Hmm, that Crown Casino restaurant must be in progress then 🙂

    Please Gordon. Please, please. Please do another interview with Nine’s Today Show. It was comedy gold last time, though Karl and whatshername weren’t in on the joke 🙂

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