1. Some years ago there was a german film about a family planned a holiday, when father had some financial problems, they decided to spend the holiday in their cellar. To hide their misfortune from their neighbours.
    I would like some information of this film, “it’s title” and would it be repeated?
    much appreciated


  2. jaqckie tate

    how is one supposed to connect to sbs 2? we watch the news and different programmes also iron chefs which I heard was now going to be on sbs2, why can’t things be left as they are?

  3. Gerry Martin

    SBS 2…….Thank you…………….The anticipation of watching us Pom’s beating the Aussies again in the ‘Ashes’ series. is overwhelming!! Your other programming looks good too!
    Gerry Martin. Highlands. Vic.

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