Airdate: Liberal Rule

SBS' major documentary series on the rule of the Howard government begins next month.

howardSBS’ long-awaited documentary series Liberal Rule: The Politics That Changed Australia finally arrives on screen next month.

The three part documentary is produced by Nick Torrens, also its director, and Frank Haines. With the cooperation of John Howard, his closest Ministers, Chiefs of Staff and advisors plus leading political historians, social scientists, economists and authors it examines the Howard philosophy and his reform agenda for our economy, society and international relations.

Garry Sturgess, a Senior Researcher on the ABC’s 1993 Labor in Power series, now turns his skill to documenting the Liberal side.

Nick Torrens said: “I felt there was a need for a deeper investigation than news and current affairs television provide: a broad perspective on the government’s success and its connection with the Australian people – a perspective from within government, and from without.

“During the long research period, it became increasingly clear that the Coalition’s policy agenda was not so much a distillation of robust, differing opinions within government, but more an agenda led firmly by one man’s personal ideas and values. And further, that the Liberal Party is historically known for adopting the philosophy and direction of its leader of the time.”

The making of the series has not been without its own troubles, with producers criticising the ABC for granting access to its archives only to withdraw such in favour of its own series The Howard Years.

Significantly narrated by actor Robert Menzies, a descendant of Sir Robert Menzies, it begins Tuesday July 21st at 8.30pm on SBS ONE.

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  1. Howard booed at Sydney 2000 Olympics shooting finals!

    ‘Twas at the Olympic Shooting,
    When Little Johnny walked in.
    The thousands in the crowd there,
    Refused his nervous grin.
    Instantly the cry went up,
    “Let boos and jeers begin!”
    Calls of, “where’s your flak jacket?”
    And “You treated us like crims!”

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