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extra1The Nine Network has axed its 5:30 Brisbane-based lifestyle show Extra after an extraordinary 18 years.

The show, which has traditionally won the timeslot in Brisbane, has been dumped amid a network push to nationalise content leading in to its struggling news bulletins.

But the show has expenses which remain hard to justify given the network is revamping its national afternoon schedule.

Around 20 staff working on the program were shocked by the news yesterday, learning that Friday week will be the show’s last edition.

Nine’s Brisbane news director Lee Anderson reportedly told staff most would be re-absorbed by the newsroom, although the fate of host Heather Foord is unclear, who replaced Jillian Whiting last December is unclear.

The Brisbane based show was born at the same time as state-based editions in Sydney and Melbourne nearly 18 years ago. Others did not survive.

Nine’s Sydney-based magazine show This Afternoon, hosted by Andrew Daddo and Katrina Blowers, which will run for an hour from 4.30pm and to be followed by Hot Seat in the 5:30pm slot.

Source: Courier Mail


  1. I Think Matt Bransby screams very very loud like Leigh Whannell or maybe it was Jason Bransby .. Oh well with the announcement of the loss of Extra I will be definitely be listening to New Kids On The Block’s Greatest Hits so I will be singing “Step By Step” If Matt Bransby or Jason Bransby screams very very loud. These guys are still “Hangin Tough”.

    I’ve haven’t even watched Extra – I much prefer the very “light & tasty” Deal Or No Deal – if Im even up in time that is.

    Extra died when Nine dumped Bert’s Family Feud / Million Dollar Wheel in favour of Antiques Roadshow. ACA is the way to go on pre 6pm current affairs in our homes these days. Look like by the way Nine will not get another news bulletin ever again.

  2. James Russell

    Just to le you know that two of Channel Nine’s slogans “Still The One” & the “Who’s Who Of News” is “No Longer” – let’s throw a bomb at the one hour news service

  3. James Russell

    I am telling you Channel Nine – No more Nine news overkill. On Friday I Will watch the first two Saw movies to see Leigh Whannell or Donnie Wahlberg (from New Kids On The Block) screaming very loud at the end of these films. What I’ll do to Nine”s news anchors in a Saw-styled game is:

    1. Put a giant spider on the Mark Ferguson’s face.
    2. Smash Amber Higlett’s face with a iron (which is turned on very hot).
    3. Put Michael Usher in the giant pit with needles and nails
    4. Light Elvina Simpson’s hair with fire with a blowtorch.
    5. Wendy Kingston will get hit with a giant paint can!

  4. James Russell

    Oh My God! Nathan Rees Killed The Network – you bastard!

    Nathan Rees is a f*****g idiot for acting Extra!!!!!

    Bring It Back and No more Channel Nine News ever again!!

  5. Extra was tired, and was getting to be one long advertorial – but it was nice to have one show that wasn’t from Sydney or Melbourne. Apart from the ‘local’ news, what’s the point of having a local TV station any more? May as well just beam it straight from Sydney…

    I do hope this will be the cue for Ch 9 to dump its embarrassing, jingoistic “Nine for Queensland” promo. It’s not like they have any local content left to crow about…

  6. I am a massive fan of the Nine Network. But my gosh. This decision would have to be the worst I have ever seen. David there must be more then what meets the eye here. Is there another reason Nine has axed this incredible show. For heaven sakes, it was winning the ratings. Most nights number 1 at 5.30. please keep us up to date with any developments.

  7. Hmmmm, Brisbane Extra 5 or 6 hosts since the sacking of Rick Burnett, the destruction of the Brisbane channel nine news by breaking up the finest newsreading team in Australia, Bruce Page, Heather Foord and John Schluter (now at seven), bumping Antiques Roadshow show for that maggot Eddie Maguire and the very lame Hotseat has cost Nine a lot of viewers.

    I wrote to nine Brissie a couple weeks ago and told them pretty much the above, also with the following “last night when we finished watching Australia Story on ABC1 and switched channels to nine for Sea Patrol, imagine our shock when that really awful Eddie bloke appeared on our TV, we quickly turned it off and watched a taped episode of the current series Primeval sent to us by friends in the UK and then went to Spooks on ABC1”

    Channel nine Brisbane is totally not in our radar now, except for football and cricket

  8. Any news on whether Weekend Extra will still go to air or are they axing that aswell. Any information would be nice David. Thanks. It’ll be funny if their news does worse without the lead-in of Extra and what will happen if this afternoon show fails to fire. They’ll be left with egg on their face.

  9. It will definitely be the end of an era for Brisbane television.

    I have no doubt that Channel Nine have made the wrong decision by axing the show.

    They will surely have to do something very special on the last episode.

  10. I assume the bean counters at CVC-Nine agonised over this massive decision, but Geezz they put a lot of faith in their man, Eddy Everywhere – who really will be everywhere now.

    Isn’t this just history repeating itself? Because I believe the other Extra programmes in other states also rated pretty well, but like ABC’s decision to axe their state-based 7:30 Report’s, it’s all come down to cost again.

    Anyway, it’s time for QTQ to pull their ‘Nine For Queensland’ IDs & promos because people will just laugh at them now…

  11. While I understand nine wanting to nationalize there late afternoon lineup, I would have thought it would make more sense to change Brisbane (I live here) once the new shows were a success, rather than axing what is current very successful for Nine Brisbane on a gamble that the new line will work.

    Time will tell though.

  12. They’re axing a consistently performing show yet they’re creating 2 new Hour-Long editions of what is essentially the same thing in 2 different states? That’s illogical. Will the rest of the nation get a simulcast of This Afternoon as well?

  13. I live in Melbourne so I have never seen Extra, however it seems like one helluva stupid decision given it wins the timeslot (according to comments) and gives the station some degree of news credibility.

    Frankly, I hope Nine keep making these decisions. I hope they continue to drive viewers away and the advertising dollars also. I hope they crumble. After so many years or arrogant BS and contempt it’s about time this network was build from the ground up, and if that means it needs to keep its steady decline into Never Never land then so be it! (It’s very entertaining!).

  14. Not surprised by the axing. When Nine announced the new show This Afternoon I knew the days of Extra were numbered because 2.5 hours of news and current affairs from 4.30pm to 7pm could be too much. Although Extra could have survived by moving to 3pm weekdays currently occupied by Entertainment Tonight.
    And it will be interesting to see whether Nine’s Gold Coast News (also shown at 5.30pm weekdays) will be axed too.

  15. Omy god!!! i am shocked. i thought the vibe was that 9 was happy with it and it was safe. and why wouldn’t they be, it is a long running stable performer that has done well against DOND.

    i mean hot seat will do ok but i it wont be pulling those numbers in 18 years. hot seats numbers will go up nationally but they’re 5:30 share can only go down. hot seat only had 89k viewers in bris yesterday, beaten by MASH by 10k!! if anyhing has to go it’s hot seat in brisbane.

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