B1 + B2 = 3D

Ahead of a major announcement on ABC3, the public broadcaster says a favourite kids' series is now going animated.

b1Bananas in Pyjamas are going 3D, with their own animated series to be produced by Southern Star Entertainment.

ABC’s Executive Head of Children’s Tim Brooke-Hunt, said: “Animating the Bananas series allows us to present this classic show in a fresh, contemporary format, designed specifically to appeal to today’s generation of young children. It also gives us the opportunity to broaden the existing world of the Bananas, while retaining their relationships to Rat and the Teddies”.

ABC TV has been involved in the creative development of the project from its inception and will maintain editorial and creative control over all elements of the production, which will remain within Australia for the creative elements.

However, the ABC also indicated it cannot afford to fully fund high quality and expensive projects such as this new animated series alone, requiring a co-production with Southern Star Entertainment.

The original format Bananas in Pyjamas will continue to screen on ABC TV.

Later today the ABC will make a major announcement about the future of its kids channel, ABC3.

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  1. What a stupid idea. I grew up watching the live action format and I loved it. I see no advantage in converting the show to CGI as CGI is far more expensive. The idea of altering shows to bring in a “fresh, contemporary format” is simply ridiculous. Today’s children are just like the children of today, they won’t love a show simply for the CGI, they’ll love it because it is fun and interesting. It’s not a horrible idea, just a really senseless one.

  2. Going 3D? I didnt know you could get more 3D than real life.

    This is a bad idea, i grew up watching B1 and B2 and this best bit was that they seemed more real than the cartoons – i know massive bannas wearing pyjamas, could never be considered real, but hey i was a kid.

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