Airdate: Entourage

entourageAs some readers have noted, Entourage is coming to SBS.

Series One will start on Monday August 31st at 10pm on SBS ONE.

The series has previously aired on pay television and earlier media reports had indicated it would pop up on GO!

In the launch teaser for the new Nine channel its name did not appear.

The HBO series is up for Emmy Awards for Kevin Dillon and in the Most Outstanding Category.


  1. One of the best new shows in the last few years. Entourage brings the lifestyle of the young and famous in a likable sharply written easy to take in way. The key to this show is the writing, always witty and hard hitting. The writer’s don’t tame it down, it makes it easy to believe these are real people and gets you connected to the cast quickly. The realism of the series and the great guest stars they get is also a wonderful treat (sara foster, Scarlett Johanson, Jaime Presley, Ali larter to name a few). Ari Gold the super-agent is rapidly becoming one the most recognizable characters on HBO series with his hilarious lines and over the top antics. Watch this show!

  2. Entourage is the “Sex & the City” for guys… fast cars, hot babes, high tech gadgets… what more could you ask for.???

    Recommend all blokes to watch it. Hopefully SBS does not sensor the episodes and screens them as they were intended to be shown.

  3. sounds like Nine sold it off or waived it off so SBS can pick it up. Imagine the dope from Commercial FTA who wasn’t interested in Top Gear UK, must be same guy

  4. marco and callas

    watch it for a season and you’ll get it.

    as long you can stand some language (not as bad as Deadwood) then you’ll be fine

  5. so will GO air it too? or does being on SBS prevent this? i was going to watch it on GO but i can’t on SBS because since they upgraded their digital in january my PVR does not receive SBS anymore.

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