Airdate: ARIA Hall of Fame

jpyNine will screen the ARIA Hall of Fame presentation later this month, following the signing of a deal between the two organisations.

ARIA will induct John Paul Young, Kev Carmody, Little Patti, Mental as Anything and The Dingoes on August 27th at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne.

It will screen as a 2 hr event at 2pm Saturday August 29th on Nine.

The ARIA Awards will take place later this year.


  1. Great to see JPY get this long overdue recognition and the same for MAA.JPY recorded some of the best pop of the 70’s as well as some forgotten classics “Here We Go” & “The Painting”.
    I sure hope R Wilkins is the host as he is such an expert of the music industry,or perhaps Jules Lund…or maybe, just maybe Shelley Craft (throw in the laugh track).Then again Eddie’s “hot” again at the moment.Bert could do it 20 to 1 style even.

  2. On the subject of Nine’s deal with ARIA: from Sunday night(Mon morning), they have been screening the ARIA Chart Show for pretty much 6 hours every night. But, the annoying thing is, it is a 1 hour show, mearly on loop. Not just on sunday night, the same 1 hour show ad nauseum! Hoping this is a temporary measure until GO! settles down, as there is so much potential for this show, i.e. top 50 charts, flashback charts, etc. Noticed there is a 1 hour ARIA Chart Show scheduled for 5pm Sat. Is it the new Top 10 of the week or something? Is it possible to find out what is happening David? No details on either Nine/GO!’s sites nor ARIA’s own sites…

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