Airdate: Snake Tales

SnakeTalesA brand new locally produced tween comedy series is coming to Nine’s Saturday mornings next month.

Snake Tales stars Peter Rowsthorn set in the fictional town of Barren Barren where two girls from the opposite ends of the world are forced to live together in a snake park in outback Australia.

The 13-part series produced by Westside Film & Television (Holly’s Heroes, Blabber Mouth, True Love & Chaos) features six younger actors including Lucas Tang, Cecilia Peters, Liam Maguire, Nicholas Fleming, Danielle Horvat plus Leah Vandenberg.

They say you can’t choose your family. And when you live in the middle of nowhere and the street light that passes for the town has a population of seven, Snake Tales proves that you can’t choose your friends either.

Tiger Rose Johnson (Cecilia Peters), 14, is mature beyond her years, smart, hard-working and quick-witted, but she knows little about normal teenage life. On the other hand, Skye Sailendra (Danielle Horvat), also 14, was raised in the bustling metropolis of London, surrounded by friends, boutique shops and a constant stream of admirers.

A twist of fate sees these two incompatible girls begrudgingly sharing a bedroom. The only thing they have in common is their desire to get as far away from the snake park and their eccentric, embarrassing families as possible.

Tiger’s father, “Snakeman Jake” (Peter Rowsthorn), is a larger than life snake wrangler who dreams of the glory days when he had his own TV spot and visitors flocked to his Snake-Atorium-Orama. Meanwhile Skye’s mother, Miranda (Leah Vandenberg), is a vegetarian spiritualist who likes to perform Reiki on the snakes to help them let go of their deadly instincts.

Snake Tales premieres on Nine at 10.30am Saturday September 5.


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